Tidy Tack Rooms

Tidy Tack Rooms help horse owners and riders, tidy, organise, transport and protect their equipment, allowing you to lower stress, create time and space and save money.

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At Tidy Tack Rooms we are committed to helping you organise your tack room and time to enable you to protect your investments and live your best riding life.
Our own range of products are designed in house and also used by us every day, they are all made by hand in the UK, with quality, ease of use and longevity at the heart of each design.
We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service and knowledge of care and storage of equestrian equipment. Having established ourselves over the last 3 years we are rapidly becoming the go to company for advice and inspiration on tack room storage, set up and equipment.
We are committed to continuing to help you improve your tack rooms and better care for your equipment, as well as designing new innovate products to make your riding life easier, tidier and more organised. The complete tack room starter kit is everything you need to get your tack room tidy and organised. The bags come labelled and are available in a variety of colours, you can also add personalisation such as names and logo and comprises of one Field rug bag, one Stable Rug Bag, one Saddlecloth Bag, one Travel Boot Bag & one Small rug bag. The Saddle Sherpa is the Rolls Royce of saddle trolleys that carries two saddles and folds flat when not in use. Easily fits into the car, lorry or trailer. The saddle Sherpa is designed to cover all terrain, including muddy and bumpy ground – perfect for moving your kit around at stay away shows. It also comes equipped with a huge basket underneath for all your boots, bandages, whips, drinks, gloves etc and a really handy hanging grooming bag, perfect for plaiting and also carrying ring essentials, or on the lorry / trailer as a vet kit.
Our Saddlecloth Storage bags protect and organise all your saddlecloths and matchy collections. Each bag holds up to 10 saddlecloths or 5 sets of saddlecloths and bandages / boots. No more searching around for the matching set or having to carefully handle a precariously balanced pile of saddlecloths. With 12 colours to choose from there really is something for everyone. The bags come labelled to make managing your tack room even easier, and for the personal touch you can add names or logos. A perfect Christmas present or a treat for yourself. If you are looking to start getting your tack room organised, we can take away the feeling of being overwhelmed, start by looking at our 21-day system designed to get your tack room tidy and organised in under 10 minutes a day, and for all things storage check out the starter kits on the website – all our essentials arranged into easy-to-use kits that take the hassle out of deciding what storage you need.

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