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Haygain at
London International Horse Show


Protect your horse’s health with the Haygain hay steamer – the only scientifically proven method of eliminating up to 99% of dust, bacteria, fungi and mould in forage that can harm a horse’s health.

Haygain’s Hay Steamers
The only scientifically proven method of purifying your horse’s hay – eliminating up to 99% of the dust, bacteria, fungi and mould found in even the best quality forage. Ideal for horses prone to respiratory problems, allergies or digestive issues. Available in four different sizes to suit all needs from the one horse owner to the busy yard owner. Haygain steamers are used and recommended by veterinarians, scientists, professional riders and horse owners all over the world.

Haygain’s ComfortStall
ComfortStall is a unique veterinary approved orthopaedic, fully sealed and impermeable stable flooring system. Provides cushioned anti fatigue support to joints, tendons and ligaments and eliminates the need for deep bedding which can save you time mucking out and money on bedding. Quote available on request.

Flexineb Nebulisers
Flexineb nebulisation enables veterinarians, horse owners and trainers to help manage a wide range of both acute and chronic respiratory issues in horses. The nebuliser administers prescription medication or natural therapies deep into the lungs through fine aerosol mist.