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London International Horse Show Exhibitors


Stormchase, suppliers of the ultimate wrist & hand warmers.

They Say…

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers are the ultimate extra layer to keep you warm in the harshest of weather conditions. Using the latest technology and materials Stormchase outerwear products are designed specifically for outdoor sports and pursuits where loss of movement in the hands and fingers is not an option.

What we love…

New In… fingerless riding gloves
Many horsemen, flat jockeys and some jump jockeys are now wearing them!
Tom Queally (flat Jockey who rode Frankel in all his races) quoted,” Their style, comfort and performance are equal.”

Stormchase riding gloves
Children absolutely love wearing these gloves, because they are light, warm, breathable, durable and have the best grip. Lots of children wear them out hunting.

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers
So many people wear these warmers for their chosen outdoor sport, work or hobby when wearing full gloves isn’t an option.
The gauntlet part of the warmer insulates the lower forearm which creates a warmer blood flow down to the fingers. Thermal, breathable, durable and comfortable.