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LeMieux Masterclass Series Driving Excellence

LeMieux Masterclass Series Driving Excellence
Daniel Naprous at LIHS 2023

We are excited to announce another exciting addition to the LeMieux Masterclass Series – ‘Driving Excellence’ starring Hollywood stuntman Dan Naprous who will be joined by a celebrity to be confirmed.

Presented by Dan Naprous, a world-renowned horse trainer and stunt actor whose list of credits includes Game of Thrones, The Crown, Wonder Woman and the famous Lloyds Bank adverts, ‘Driving Excellence’ will take place in The New Horizon Plastics London Arena on Saturday 21 December. The masterclass is set to be an informative and exciting gallop through the thrilling sport of Carriage Driving, proving a 360-degree tour of training, tactics, and technique. Dan will be Joined by a selected celebrity who will be putting Dan’s advice into action as they take the reins.

During this LeMieux Masterclass, Dan Naprous – Britain’s No.1 Four-In-Hand Driver – will cover all bases surrounding the discipline of Carriage Driving, as well as the history behind it. Heavily influenced by His Royal Highness the late Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, Driving is a discipline steeped in tradition which requires skill, strength, and speed. Drivers are judged on their control of their horse or teams, their style, and their timing and accuracy around the cones and obstacles.

Naprous will begin by giving the audience an overview of the sport, before demonstrating the different phases of Carriage Driving trials. As he covers the basics of Driven Dressage, Cones and Obstacles, and the stages of getting horses fit for the Marathon phase, our celebrity will be on hand to learn – taking a turn on the backstep before finally being put to the test as they take on a challenge under Dan’s instruction.

Driving Masterclass 2023 with Daniel Naprous and Alexandra Broome
Daniel Naprous and Alexandra Broome during the ‘Driving Force’ Le Mieux Driving Masterclass at The London International Horse Show 2023

Naprous said: “It’s great to be bringing this LeMieux Masterclass to the London International Horse Show again this year. Last year it was great fun to do alongside competing in the FEI Driving World Cup™ class. It enables us to show the audience exactly how a brilliant team is made – and perhaps inspire a few budding Carriage Drivers!”

Simon Brooks-Ward, Show Director, said: “We are thrilled to be offering this masterclass as part of the LeMieux Masterclass series for a second year running. Having a Driver and showman of Dan’s calibre for our audience to learn from is a real honour, and we are hugely delighted to welcome him back. I have no doubt that he will deliver a masterclass that is not only informative, but engaging and interesting for our audience as well.”

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