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Our Aim:

Make responsible decisions that make a positive contribution towards London International Horse Show’s impact on the environment, including reducing the use of natural resources and avoiding wastage whenever possible. The event managers, HPower Group, are signed up to the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative which helps event organisers map their route towards Net Zero.


We have engaged our team and suppliers with our environmental ambitions. This will include reviewing our achievements after London International Horse Show this year and then agreeing a path for improvement for the following year.

Suppliers and Stakeholders

We work with a wide range of Suppliers and Stakeholders. In order to make London International Horse Show more sustainable we require them to be more sustainable too. All suppliers and stakeholders are asked to provide information about their sustainability policies so that we can better understand any limitations and road blocks.


ExCeL London has an excellent environmental sustainability policy.
  • The venue uses 100% renewable energy, sends zero waste to landfill and even houses one of the UK’s largest wormeries. From 29 July 2022, ExCeL has been proudly certified carbon neutral – the first UK venue of its kind to achieve the internationally recognised PAS 2060 status.
  • Catering at the venue uses a minimum of 80% of seasonal food and vegetables
  • Excess food goes to foodbanks
  • The venue provides water bottle refill stations for the public to refill their water bottles and we actively encourage the public to bring their own water bottles.

Production and Procurement

Refuse, Rethink , Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Our teams are asked to think about every procurement contract and are required to think about the impact that contract has on emissions. Examples include:
  • We have a no single-use plastic policy for all catering on site
  • We maximise the Re -Use of materials on site which we store from previous events these include – signage and reusable temporary plastic flooring
  • 80% of carpet is recycled
  • All new signage from site is made from recyclable material much of it is re-used in future years and none goes to landfill.
  • All printed material such as leaflets, programmes or badges are printed on either recycled or FSC certified paper. And we have reviewed and reduced the amount of print that we use for the Show.


  • No waste is sent to landfill
  • Equestrian muck is sent to power stations


The transportation of equipment and goods to events is a significant generator of carbon emissions. Our vision is to work with our suppliers and customers to transition to low carbon transport options. We have a ‘No Idling’ policy on site for suppliers and exhibitors.


We encourage visiting public and staff to use active travel such as walking and cycling or public transport and amplify through working with partners such as Southwest Railways.


We are committed to communicating our mission on sustainability to all of our customers whether they be suppliers, visitors or VIPs. We communicate digitally and on site in order to encourage our community to and the event industry to support net zero carbon.
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