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International Dressage, Show Jumping, Driving & New Showing Series

London International Showing Series

Qualifiers for the 2023 London International Showing Series were held throughout the country from May to September. A full list of the 2023 Shows that held qualifiers can be found below. The list for 2024 Shows with qualifiers will be available in the Spring.
DateShow NameClasses
01-May-23Puddledub Spring ShowsBSPS / BSHA
13-May-23Nottinghamshire County ShowBSPS / BSHA
14-May-23South Suffolk ShowBSPS / BSHA
20-May-23Dumfries and Galloway Horse ShowBSPS / BSHA
20-May-23 - 21-May-23Royal Welsh Agricultural Society - Smallholding & Countryside FestivalBSHA
27-May-23Heathfield Agricultural ShowBSPS
27-May-23Northumberland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
27-May-23 - 28-May-23Hertfordshire County ShowBSPS / BSHA
28-May-23UK Ponies & Horses LimitedBSPS / BSHA
29-May-23The Cheshire Horse ShowBSPS / BSHA
31-May-23 - 01-Jun-23The Suffolk ShowBSHA
04-Jun-23Rutland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
10-Jun-23Cumberland ShowBSPS
09-Jun-23 - 11-Jun-23South of England ShowBSPS / BSHA
25-Jun-23Malton ShowBSPS / BSHA
01-Jul-23Hanbury Countryside ShowBSHA
08-Jul-23Lawford Park Show @The Tendring Hundred FC ShowBSHA
08-Jul-23Liskeard ShowBSPS / BSHA
08 -Jul-23 - 09-Jul-23Bridgend Country ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Jul-23Ashby ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Jul-23BSPS Scotttish BranchBSPS
09-Jul-23Norfolk Show Jumping ClubBSPS / BSHA
15-Jul-23 - 16-Jul-23Great Eccleston Agricultural ShowBSPS / BSHA
17-Jul-23Stithians ShowBSHA
25-Jul-23Ryedale ShowBSPS / BSHA
29-Jul-23 - 30-Jul-23Durham County ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Aug-23North Devon ShowBSHA
03-Aug-23Burwarton ShowBSPS / BSHA
04-Aug-23 - 05-Aug-23Perth ShowBSPS
05-Aug-23Blakesley ShowBSPS / BSHA
05-Aug-23Cardigan County Agricultural ShowBSHA
12-Aug-23Llanedi Agricultural ShowBSHA
18-Aug-23Dunster ShowBSPS / BSHA
26-Aug-23Bellingham ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Sep-23Alresford Agricultural ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Sep-23The Orsett ShowBSHA
02-Sep-23 - 03-Sep-23Dorset County ShowBSHA
09-Sep-23Penistone Agricultural Society ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Sep-23Romsey ShowBSPS
13-Sep-23 - 14-Sep-23Westmorland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
23-Sep-23Stokesley ShowBSPS / BSHA
23-Sep-23 - 24-Sep-23Blue Lights Horse ShowBSHA
30-Sep-23Gransden ShowBSHA
Prospect Farm ShowBSPS / BSHA

Travel: Vehicle Charges

The Transport for London Check your vehicle link: You can check if your vehicle meets the emissions and safety standards required to drive in London, or any daily charges you would need to pay:
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