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International Dressage, Show Jumping, Driving & New Showing Series

Dressage, Jumping and Driving

2023 CDI-W, CSI5*-W and CAI-W Schedules are available for download below.
2023 CDI-W, CSI5*-W and CAI-W Entries are available for download below.
National Jumping class Entries are available for download below.

London International Horse Show Competitor Webinar

London International Showing Series

Qualifiers for the London International Showing Series are being held throughout the country from May to September. A full list of the Shows holding qualifiers can be found here:
DateShow NameClasses
01-May-23Puddledub Spring ShowsBSPS / BSHA
13-May-23Nottinghamshire County ShowBSPS / BSHA
14-May-23South Suffolk ShowBSPS / BSHA
20-May-23Dumfries and Galloway Horse ShowBSPS / BSHA
20-May-23 - 21-May-23Royal Welsh Agricultural Society - Smallholding & Countryside FestivalBSHA
27-May-23Heathfield Agricultural ShowBSPS
27-May-23Northumberland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
27-May-23 - 28-May-23Hertfordshire County ShowBSPS / BSHA
28-May-23UK Ponies & Horses LimitedBSPS / BSHA
29-May-23The Cheshire Horse ShowBSPS / BSHA
31-May-23 - 01-Jun-23The Suffolk ShowBSHA
04-Jun-23Rutland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
10-Jun-23Cumberland ShowBSPS
09-Jun-23 - 11-Jun-23South of England ShowBSPS / BSHA
25-Jun-23Malton ShowBSPS / BSHA
01-Jul-23Hanbury Countryside ShowBSHA
08-Jul-23Lawford Park Show @The Tendring Hundred FC ShowBSHA
08-Jul-23Liskeard ShowBSPS / BSHA
08 -Jul-23 - 09-Jul-23Bridgend Country ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Jul-23Ashby ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Jul-23BSPS Scotttish BranchBSPS
09-Jul-23Norfolk Show Jumping ClubBSPS / BSHA
15-Jul-23 - 16-Jul-23Great Eccleston Agricultural ShowBSPS / BSHA
17-Jul-23Stithians ShowBSHA
25-Jul-23Ryedale ShowBSPS / BSHA
29-Jul-23 - 30-Jul-23Durham County ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Aug-23North Devon ShowBSHA
03-Aug-23Burwarton ShowBSPS / BSHA
04-Aug-23 - 05-Aug-23Perth ShowBSPS
05-Aug-23Blakesley ShowBSPS / BSHA
05-Aug-23Cardigan County Agricultural ShowBSHA
12-Aug-23Llanedi Agricultural ShowBSHA
18-Aug-23Dunster ShowBSPS / BSHA
26-Aug-23Bellingham ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Sep-23Alresford Agricultural ShowBSPS / BSHA
02-Sep-23The Orsett ShowBSHA
02-Sep-23 - 03-Sep-23Dorset County ShowBSHA
09-Sep-23Penistone Agricultural Society ShowBSPS / BSHA
09-Sep-23Romsey ShowBSPS
13-Sep-23 - 14-Sep-23Westmorland County ShowBSPS / BSHA
23-Sep-23Stokesley ShowBSPS / BSHA
23-Sep-23 - 24-Sep-23Blue Lights Horse ShowBSHA
30-Sep-23Gransden ShowBSHA
Prospect Farm ShowBSPS / BSHA

Travel: Vehicle Charges

The Transport for London Check your vehicle link: You can check if your vehicle meets the emissions and safety standards required to drive in London, or any daily charges you would need to pay:
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