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THE OLYMPIA SHOPPING GUIDE: Part One – Equestrian Excellence

THE OLYMPIA SHOPPING GUIDE: Part One – Equestrian Excellence

The 250 shops at Olympia, The London International Horse Show are always a highlight of any trip to the event. Olympia is the perfect place to indulge in some of the best Christmas shopping about, and to help you find those perfect presents and sensational stocking fillers we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find exactly what you’re looking for this December. In Part One, we’re looking at the best equestrian equipment available.

When it comes to saddlery, Olympia’s sponsor Voltaire Design (Stand E35) are exactly where you should head if you’re looking for cutting-edge equipment. Stocking a range of high-performance jumping and dressage saddles, the team fit their technical gear perfectly to your requirements and can also advise you on their range of bridles, girths and accessories.

Olympia favourites Sederholm (Stand G116) have a huge range of equipment, including French-made Butet saddlery, top-spec horse boots and the option to build your own bridle, or head to Stuebben (Stand B49) for classic, quality tack for every discipline you could think of, in designs you’ll be handing down to your children.

Olympia also offers a huge range of options for accessories. Our sponsor LeMieux’s (C15) “matchy-matchy” sets have become must-have items, and this year they’re back with a vast array of colours – we particularly like this Luxury Loire Mulberry Collection in a deep plummy pink to see us through winter. We also love their new range of waterproof breeches – ideal for those damp January days! If you’re after sparkle, why not visit Olvossa (D45) for ultra-luxe crystal embellished numnahs and browbands, or for everyday essentials try riders’ favourite PolyPads (D44) for travel gear and quality boots which will last for years.

One of the best parts of the Olympia Shopping is the chance to encounter new innovative equipment that revolutionises your yard. The ‘Olympia Introducing Area’ has a number of brand-new businesses offering training and coaching, safety equipment and tech to keep track of you and your horses’ performance. Rider favourite Snuggy Hoods (E53) stock lycra vests, bibs, hoods and tail guards to keep your horse clean and save time in the short winter days. We’re huge fans of Finer Equine’s (G139) amazing collection of boot bags (never put muddy boots in the clean car again!) and stirrup storage bags – protecting your saddle from scrapes.

And don’t forget your horse. Drop in to Omega Equine (F45) for all your supplement needs and great advice on feeding and condition, bask under a Drimee Horse Solarium (E28) to top up the sunshine a wonderful addition to any yard or simply treat your equine friends to Maxima Equine’s (G231) horsy pic’n’mix – Mix’n’Munch – for a festive present!

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