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Visit London International Horse Show as a Group

Bring your Own Group and Benefit from Discounts and Later Payment Arrangements

If you are planning to come with a group of 10 or more, some performances have special group rates that offer up to 25% discount on tickets. The relevant performances will be announced when tickets go on sale in April 2024.
You can reserve seats in advance and you don’t need to pay until 30th September. Reserve your tickets by completing the Groups Booking Form. This applies to all performances, not just the Groups Discounted performances, or you can book and pay for your groups’ tickets by booking online when tickets go on sale in April 2024. The discount will be applied as long as you have over 10 tickets and you are applying for one of the performances that offers the groups discount.
Groups of 10 – 20 get a 20% discount off the normal ticket price and Groups of 20+ get a 25% discount. Please note that it is not possible to get a ‘double discount’ – ie there are no special rates for concessions and groups combined.
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