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DriRug at
London International Horse Show


DriRug® – Revolutionary horse drying.

They say…

Use after bathing, working up a sweat, travelling or in the stable as nothing sticks! Super absorbent. Quick dry. Lightweight and durable. Machine washable. 7 sizes.

DriRug® is made out of a super absorbent lightweight special fabric. It’s super quick- wicking action absorbs more moisture faster than anything else tested and dries out in record time so you can carry on doing what you love.

DriRug® can be used for travelling, after bathing or working up a sweat, it not only dries your horse faster but will also regulate its temperature, cooling when he’s hot or warming when he’s cold.

So convenient to use in the stable as an under-rug or on its own as bedding, straw and shavings won’t stick to the DriRug® fabric. If your horse rolls nothing sticks, just give it a shake.

• Super absorbent
• Lightweight and versatile
• Dries out quickly
• Ideal for sensitive types
• Machine washable
• Tumble dry

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