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Maxima Equestrian at
London International Horse Show


Maxima Equestrian is a family business based in East Sussex who sell colourful yet practical horse and pony rugs at affordable prices and in sizes from 3′ to 7′.

They say…

When the founder of Maxima Equestrian, Haylie Rudgley, couldn’t find the right style of rug at the right price for her own horses, she decided to design and sell her own rugs instead. She chose to produce practical, well-fittings rugs in a range of striking colours and patterns at affordable prices. That was in 2008, and since then Maxima Equestrian has gone from strength to strength, with an ever-increasing range of rugs.

Maxima Equestrian soon expanded its range to include accessories such as headcollars, dog coats, equine travel wear, saddle covers, saddle pads etc., which co-ordinate with their rugs! In 2019 they introduced the equine pick ‘n’ mix, Maxima Mix ‘n’ Munch, to the UK – full details of which can be found in a separate listing in the shopping directory.