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London International Horse Show Exhibitors

Premier Performance

Premier Performance CZ Ltd, home of the Calming Cookie and other leading horse supplements. Our products are supported by Science and backed by Nature.

They say…

Premier Performance CZ Ltd provides a cutting-edge range of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for the athletic equine and leisure horse. Our products are supported by Science and backed by Nature.
Yes, we are known as the home of the ‘Calming Cookie’ but did you know we also supply a large range of products to help keep your favourite equine in tip-top condition? From Calming, Gut and Energy Cookies and powders to gut, hoof and joint formulas – we’ve a product for most ailments.

All of our products are suitable for those competing under FEI regulations.
Our Calming Cookies are challenging the calmers market with something very different. Unlike other products on the market these ‘magic cookies’, as customers call them, are just like a treat with benefits.Ideal for horses during any stressful situations that cause anxiety or fear.
Our innovative formula can help your horse to stay calm, focused and confident without affecting their ability to perform. Doesn’t sedate or affect gait. Takes the edge off but not the sparkle. Fast-acting and does not contain valerian, magnesium or tryptophan.
Our Calming Powders are a more powerful option, with added gut benefits along with a range of vitamins and minerals. We even produce a Soya free version

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