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LIHS Showing Series 2024

Qualifiers for the 2024 London International Showing Series will be held throughout the country from March to October.
The list for 2024 Shows with qualifiers is shown below with links to each show.
Date Show Name Classes Results
30-Mar-24 - 31-Mar-24 Wiltshire Spring Show BSPS / BSHA
12-Apr-24 - 14-Apr-24 BSPS Winter Championship BSPS
BSPA National Show BSPS
06-May-24 Puddledub Show BSPS
06-May-24 North Somerset Show BSPS
11-May-24 BSHA Spring Show BSHA
11-May-24 Nottinghamshire Show BSPS / BSHA
12-May-24 South Suffolk Show BSPS / BSHA
18-May-24 Dumfries and Galloway Horse Show BSHA
18-May-24 - 19-May-24 Royal Welsh Agricultural Society BSPS / BSHA
25-May-24 Hertfordshire County Show BSPS / BSHA
25-May-24 - 26-May-24 Northumberland County Show BSPS / BSHA
27-May-24 The Cheshire Horse Show BSPS / BSHA
29-May-24 - 30-May-24 The Suffolk Show BSPS / BSHA
02-Jun-24 Rutland County Show BSPS / BSHA
07-Jun-24 - 09-Jun-24 South of England Show BSPS / BSHA
08-Jun-24 Cumberland Show BSPS / BSHA
30-Jun-24 Malton Show BSPS / BSHA
05-Jul-24 - 07-Jul-24 Kent County Show BSPS / BSHA
06-Jul-24 Hanbury Countryside Show BSPS / BSHA
13-Jul-24 The Lawford Park Horse Show BSPS / BSHA
13-Jul-24 Liskeard Show BSPS / BSHA
13-Jul-24 Newport Show BSHA
13-Jul-24 - 14-Jul-24 Bridgend County Show BSPS / BSHA
13-Jul-24 - 14-Jul-24 Great Eccleston Show BSPS / BSHA
13-Jul-24 - 14-Jul-24 The Royal Isle of Wight County Show BSHA
14-Jul-24 Ashby Show BSPS / BSHA
15-Jul-24 Stithians Show BSHA
17-Jul-24 Driffield Show BSHA
26-Jul-24 - 28-Jul-24 National Side Saddle Show BSHA
30-Jul-24 The Ryedale Show BSPS / BSHA
31-Jul-24 Yealmpton Agricultural Show BSHA
01-Aug-24 Burwarton Show BSHA
01-Aug-24 Honiton Agricultural Show BSPS / BSHA
02-Aug-24 Fishguard Agricultural Show BSPS / BSHA
02-Aug-24 - 03-Aug-24 Perth Agricultural Show BSPS / BSHA
03-Aug-24 Blakesley Show BSPS / BSHA
07-Aug-24 North Devon Show BSHA
13-Aug-24 - 14-Aug-24 Anglesey County Show BSPS / BSHA
16-Aug-24 Dunster Show BSPS / BSHA
22-Aug-24 The Melplash Show BSHA
31-Aug-24 Bellingham Show & Country Festival BSPS / BSHA
12-Sep-24 - 14-Sep-24 BSHA National Championship Show BSHA
07-Sep-24 Alresford Show BSPS / BSHA
07-Sep-24 - 08-Sep-24 Dorset County Show BSHA
11-Sep-24 - 12-Sep-24 Westmorland County Show BSPS / BSHA
14-Sep-24 Penistone Agricultural Show BSPS / BSHA
21-Sep-24 Stokesley Show BSPS / BSHA
Newmarket Open Weekend Retraining of Racehorses Show BSHA
28-Sep-24 Gransden Show BSHA
28-Sep-24 Southwell Ploughing Match and Show BSPS
26-Oct-24 UK Ponies and Horses BSPS