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Partnership Opportunities

Your Brand at London International Horse Show

London International Horse Show offers you the opportunity to put your brand in front of a live, digital and broadcast audience of more than one million with a reach into the 10s of millions. Whether you are looking for brand awareness, a physical sales platform, digital reach, a hospitality venue, data collection, media coverage or a sampling opportunity, becoming a brand partner of the Show will offer you a tailor-made package that will meet your requirements.

Audience Facts

The Live Audience

In 2023 the Show attracted an audience of over 90,000. With the introduction of the New Horizon Plastics London Arena and its programme the audience profile changed slightly with more visitors who were interested in the Showing classes held in the new arena.
Visitor profile:
  • 33,54% are from the Established Affluence Acorn Category (20.43% higher than the national average) – of whom 23.25% are sub-category Cummuter Belt Wealth
  • 12.7% are from the Luxury Lifestyle Acorn Category (9.37% higher than the national average)
  • 74% attend ‘most years’ or ‘every year’
  • 28% stay in a hotel or similar in London for their visit
  • 45% spend more than £100 in the Shopping Village
  • 64% are aged between 30 and 60
  • 62% own at least one horse
Want to know more? Please contact Piers Vaux.

The TV Audience - 2023 Broadcast Numbers:

  • BBC Sport – A peak audience of 800,000 PLUS 126,000 on BBC Online
  • A total of 1040 minutes of BBC coverage
  • H&C Streaming – a total of just short of 37,600 live plays and 19,100 VOD plays.  

The Social Media Audience

  • Facebook: 120,000 followers
  • Instagram: 87,200 followers
  • You Tube:  6,200 followers
  • TikTok – 7,400 followers

The Social Media Reach

  • Facebook: 1,7m accounts reached
  • Instagram: 275k accounts reached


The Show runs a complete Amabassdor programme, sing top riders and equestrian talent.  For 2023, these included Jodie Hall McAteer, Lottie Fry, Harry Charles and This Esme.  

Paid influencers, including This Esme, Megan Elphick and Tina Wallace form a vital part of the promotion and ticket sales for the show across their channels and ahead of the event.  

Opportunities for your Brand

There are a number of opportunities that you can benefit from to put your brand in front of the Show audience. Whether it be naming rights for an arena or a class, association with a display or masterclass, as a clothing partner or taking out hospitality. To find out more please get in touch with Piers Vaux.

How the Show Drives Sales for Your Brand

After choosing which of the Show’s events you would like your brand to be associated with we create a package for you to support the partnership. This may include:
  • Branding in arenas and around the Show
  • A stand in the shopping village
  • Tickets for your clients
  • Posts on the Show’s social media channels
  • Adverts on the Live Streaming
  • Inclusion in the Show’s e.newsletters
  • Media Days
  • Brand in print
To find out more please contact Piers Vaux.
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