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Rat Barrow UK

RAT stands for Ride on, Articulated, Tipping Barrow. Its patent applied design is a world first giving the user a safe and stable ride with… Read More »Rat Barrow UK

The Spotty Horse

Spotty Horse is a magical fantasy horse designed by Madeleine bunbury and translated by Ty HEDGE into zardozi embroidery – an elaborate metal work embellishment… Read More »The Spotty Horse

Suzanne Sherratt

Suzanne Sherratt designs and hand makes beautiful fabric based products with a country theme which will enhance any kitchen or home. These include Aprons, Oven… Read More »Suzanne Sherratt

Mollie Browns

Mollie Browns was born after finding that the majority of commercially available candles and home wellness products contain either toxic fragrance oils or essential oils… Read More »Mollie Browns

Duffin and West

Duffin and West have over 30 years combined experience in the Equestrian and Sports industry. We only stock and supply a hand picked selection of… Read More »Duffin and West

MP Equestrian

MP EQUESTRIAN is the first firm in the world to create beautiful browbands out of genuine gemstones. Using only the highest quality genuine gemstones &… Read More »MP Equestrian

Delanns Jewels

Delanns Jewels have been – established since 1989 Our Shop is in Burford 33A High Street We specialise in diamond jewellery from ‘one-off’ exciting designs… Read More »Delanns Jewels

Kara Creek Ranch

Visit Kara Creek Ranch and become part of the crew. Ride with us over 70,000 acres into mountains and across plains. Experience life with the… Read More »Kara Creek Ranch

Woolery Forbes

Woolery Forbes is a family business which brings centuries of tradition to you with the help of British suppliers and a great support team of… Read More »Woolery Forbes


We are a small cornish-based company with years of experience in the embroidery business that has decided to branch out into affordable horse and leisure… Read More »THE HORSE FACE


Loungers are supremely soft, organic brushed cotton lounge trousers and shorts, that are both ethical and versatile. Our Loungers are double stitched and pattern matched… Read More »Loungers

Karzan Hughes Equestrian

Empowering riders worldwide with holistic health and fitness coaching. Our mission-driven approach empowers equestrians to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, while deepening the connection with… Read More »Karzan Hughes Equestrian


Introducing Flexars: wonderfully soft yet tough riding leggings. Created from 17 individual pieces, they mould to your body for a flattering fit. We are a… Read More »Flexars


The New Generation Equestrian Jacket. In 2014, we began designing clever, stylish, changing solutions and jackets. Our innovative fabric technology and advanced materials resulted in… Read More »Equicoat


Equilab is the world’s leading equestrian app. It was founded by a triathlete who decided to try horse riding and was surprised by the lack… Read More »Equilab


Importers of fine wines from around the World for sampling and ordering by the case for home delivery.

WB Equiline

Stockist of luxury equestrian brands including Animo, Anna Scarpati, Cavalleria Toscana, De Niro Boots, Fabbri Boots, KEP Hats, Tech Stirrups, Tucci Boots, Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian… Read More »WB Equiline

Voltaire Design

Voltaire Design produce chic sports saddles for competition horses and the discerning rider.     In addition to nine saddle models for jumping, dressage and… Read More »Voltaire Design