Premier Performance


Premier Performance CZ Ltd, home of the Calming Cookie and other leading horse supplements. Our products are supported by Science and backed by Nature.

They say…

Premier Performance CZ Ltd provides a cutting-edge range of nutritional formulas for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for the athletic equine and leisure horse. Our products are supported by Science and backed by Nature.
Yes, we are known as the home of the ‘Calming Cookie’ but did you know we also supply a large range of products to help keep your favourite equine in tip-top condition? From Calming, Gut and Energy Cookies and powders to gut, hoof and joint formulas – we’ve a product for most ailments.

All of our products are suitable for those competing under FEI regulations.
Our Calming Cookies are challenging the calmers market with something very different. Unlike other products on the market these ‘magic cookies’, as customers call them, are just like a treat with benefits.Ideal for horses during any stressful situations that cause anxiety or fear.
Our innovative formula can help your horse to stay calm, focused and confident without affecting their ability to perform. Doesn’t sedate or affect gait. Takes the edge off but not the sparkle. Fast-acting and does not contain valerian, magnesium or tryptophan.
Our Calming Powders are a more powerful option, with added gut benefits along with a range of vitamins and minerals. We even produce a Soya free version

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Calming Cookies – £12.00
Calming Powder – £15.00
Gastro Premier - £55.00

Animo UK


Animo UK are the UK distributors for the Italian clothing brand Animo. Known for quality and comfort in the equestrian industry, Animo is designed to ensure elegance and prestige.

They say…

Our designs contain strong lines, innovative materials, a range of colours, and punctual applications. Animo’s taste is young and modern with a typical Italian charm.
Those who wear Animo can be recognized from afar; thanks to a combination of design and comfort, style, and performance, we are at the forefront of design inventiveness. Products include women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear and horse accessories.
We are dedicated to creating designs made to stand out for both casual and competition use. Based on this concept, Animo designs and produces its garments from the finest materials carefully chosen by those who have invested years of research in the improvement of comfort and practicality.
The design themes we focus on are; comfort, wearability, resistance, elasticity, breathability, easy-care, and ingenuity. These are the pillars of which the Animo collections are created, therefore, it is no surprise that these technically minded, high fashion pieces are favoured by top riders from all over the world.
This high fashion line offers two unique collections each year, with new designs made in limited quantities.

We Love …

The Animo Ikko Men’s Show Jacket £510
Nuan Full Women’s High Waisted Riding Breeches £255
The Animo Laika Women’s Show Jacket £580



Flexars are leggings, available to fit UK sizes 4-22, used for riding, casual wear, fitness wear and also maternity leggings. Little Flexars are also available, for our younger riders.

They say…

Flexars is a brand focused on inclusivity. We design leggings that are comfortable, hardwearing and suitable for women of all ages and sizes. Made from 17 individual pieces of material which move and adapt to your unique body, Flexars are comfortable, flexible and extremely flattering. With a super-high flat waistband with no elastic, and no uncomfortable zips or buttons, Flexars stay comfortable throughout the day, and do not sag or fall down.

Flexars have over 330 5* reviews on Facebook, the most recent being: “By far the most comfortable and flattering riding tights I’ve come across. Ordered my third pair yesterday afternoon and they turned up first thing this morning. Couldn’t ask for a better product and service!”

Flexars are used as riding leggings, fitness leggings, casual leggings and also maternity leggings. They are available in ten different colours, including competition colours. In addition we have seven colours available for our younger riders.

We Love …

Little Flexars - Biscuit £34.99
The Original Flexars - Plum £59.99
Competition Flexars - Biscuit £64.99

Posh Muckerz®


Award-winning posh, practical and pretty tailored waterproof coveralls designed for ladies for mucking out, riding out, clipping and working outdoors. Where there’s muck, there’s class.

They say…

Posh Muckerz® launched at Olympia in 2018 as part of ‘Olympia Introducing’. We were overwhelmed to be subsequently awarded Olympia’s coveted ‘Best Exhibitor – Horse & Rider ‘ award that same year.

Every story starts with an idea and our founder Sarah was juggling trying to muck out three horses alongside doing the school run and trying to look ‘half decent’. Sarah wanted ‘all-in-one’ coveralls that she could pop over her everyday clothes. After searching in vain for waterproof and practical ladies’ coveralls, Sarah resorted to buying men’s industrial coveralls and rolling up the sleeves and legs so they almost fit her … and that is how Posh Muckerz® was born … why not make posh, practical and pretty coveralls especially for ladies?

Sarah commissioned professional pattern cutters, graders, fabric and trim experts and a specialist British outdoor clothing manufacturer and set about creating something fabulous! Posh Muckerz® coveralls are waterproof, breathable, windproof, dirt repellent and machine washable, and incorporate numerous technical features for safety and comfort.

Posh Muckerz® has become a recognised and much-loved British luxury outdoor clothing brand and our coveralls are now worn around the world. We see Olympia as ‘coming home’ and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

P.S. To celebrate our homecoming to Virtual Olympia this Christmas, Posh Muckerz® will be donating 5% of all online sales in December 2020 to the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Resilience Fund. Every purchase of Posh Muckerz® coveralls will therefore generate much needed funds to help support the vital work of the RDA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Go to the Secial Offers page for further details.

We Love…

Signature Pink Posh Muckerz® Coveralls - £299.00
Spirit of Scotland Tartan Posh Muckerz® Coveralls - £299.00
Classic Blue Posh Muckerz® Coveralls - £299.00

IG Equine


IG Equine boutique provides luxury high performance brands. We provide clothing and hats for men’s, women’s, and children’s as well as products for your horse, the yard and shows.

They say…

IG Equine Boutique We pride ourselves in quality, innovation, and customer service. Throughout our time travelling and competing across Europe, we have tried and tested many brands and we feel we have selected some of the best out there. We are constantly looking for new innovative products and trends throughout Europe and further afield to bring our customers a unique collection.

Our clothing brands include Cavalleria Toscana and EGO7 both combine quality, sophistication and Italian elegance whilst allowing you to perform at your best. We also have innovative horse products, such as, Torpol horsewear who use new patented technologies and magnetics as well as completely customisable drapes, rugs and saddlecloths. Equifit a leading US brand using innovative high-quality products for your horse. Also, Incrediwear, the first proven wearable anti-inflammatory for you and your horse. We also have your favourites, Sprenger, Roeckl gloves, Veredus, Heiniger Clippers, Cavalor, ReinRite, Alfako tack lockers, and Oxer socks. We have also introduced some fashion elements to compliment your wardrobe from coats, jumpers, leather bags and trainers.

We love…

Torpol’s range of stable drapes, rugs and saddle cloths are fully customisable.

Cavalleria Toscana Italian elegance, style and Performance for men women and Children.

Our new range of Kask hats are fully customisable.

Tarpol Range, from £34
Cavalleria Toscana, from £85
KASK Hat, from £387.50

Eclat Equestrian


Eclat Equestrian caters for everyone with gorgeous clothing and equestrian wear. They stock sizes from Mini Rider Aged 3 up to Adult UK size 18.

They say…

Set in Aberdeenshire Scotland, we aim to offer a website packed with goodies to treat both horse and rider. Our new full seat leggings were a complete sell out and our restock has arrived just in time for Christmas. A unique non-slip waistband ensures they stay where they should be, while the full seat gives you that secure feeling in the saddle. When you try these, you’ll want a pair in each colour!

We Love…

Full Seat Riding Leggings. Double phone pocket, non-slip supportive waistband. £40
Puffer Jacket, available in navy and black. £60
Denim Look Leggings. £30

Bareback Footwear


Bareback Footwear is designed focused on fit and comfort, manufactured to last with superior materials and specialist Portuguese products methods.

They say…

We make riding and country boots better.

We Love…

Piaffe Riding Boot
Luciana Boot
Idaho Short Boot

Georgian Dollar


Georgian Dollar is an Equestrian Jean brand, made using the highest quality, softest denim and designed to offer supreme comfort on or off the horse. Allowing for the transition from the stable to the high street, without compromising on style.

They Say…

Our best selling Sieta Equestrian Jeans offer supreme quality and durability on or off the horse. These super versatile jeans will provide ultimate comfort, whether you are mucking out, hacking out or hitting the high street!

Our Regalita Equestrian Jean line has been made using a stunning crisp white denim. These jeans have been created with Polo Players in mind, however, much like the Sieta Jean range, they are extremely versatile and would suit any equestrian activity.

Our Tita Equestrian Jeans are made with super soft black denim and incorporate the addition of a sleek red stripe, which adds a little bit of extra sparkle to your riding outfit.

We absolutely love hearing from our happy customers! ❤

“The delivery was so quick, the packaging was lovely. As for the jeans, my booty has never looked so peachy! Perfect fit and amazing customer service.”

“Just received my denim breeches, I love them! They are comfy, practical and look super. Amazingly fast delivery too. 100% would recommend!”

“I was amazed a pair of denim breeches could be so comfy and stretchy. I LOVE THEM!!”

We love…

Sieta Equestrian Jeans, £92
Ragalita Equestrian Jeans, £92
Tita Equestrian Jeans, £92

StrideFree Saddles


KM Elite Products are proud to be the UK Distributors for Stridefree Saddles, Handmade in Australia by Peter Horobin Saddlery.

They say…

Peter Horobin Saddlery is celebrating their 35th anniversary 1985-2020. They have grown from humble beginnings as a small Australian family business to an international brand that manufactures saddles for both the equestrian and racing industry. Once upon a time, operating from the back shed on Peter’s home property in Tasmania, to now distributing saddles across five continents, Peter Horobin Saddlery has grown into a global success story, with Peter Horobin earning himself the reputation as being one of the best saddle makers in the world.

Peter Horobin Saddlery strive to be as sustainable as possible in the manufacturing of our saddles from the leather we use, tanned from sustainable factories in Germany, Italy and France to the thread we use to hand make our saddles, the brass fittings from suppliers who manufacture using top quality materials along with high standards for ethical manufacturing, right down to encouraging the purchase of pre-loved Peter Horobin saddles to maintain longevity and adopting the philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle and repair. Our revolutionary StrideFree® saddle tree design and the quality design and craftsmanship of our saddles, ensures a comfortable ride for both horse and rider, focusing on biomechanics, equine back health and rider safety. When a horse is properly fitted with a StrideFree® saddle, it moves freer, has lengthened stride and no signs of soreness. This remarkable change in the horses’ performance, has equestrians all around the world impressed, and with this, the global demand of StrideFee® saddles has put Peter Horobin Saddlery onto the world map.
The StrideFree® Elite is designed for close contact with the horse. It has the option of having either a stitched in knee roll, a removable velcro knee roll or a screwed in knee roll.
The StrideFree® Kanga has been refined for ultimate close contact. The stirrup bar alignment supports the mobility and forever changing gravity of the rider, to suit their position. It has the added benefit of back blocks to ensure the riders legs don’t move too far backwards with higher jump. The StrideFree® General Purpose saddle is the perfect saddle for the discerning everyday rider. Suitable for all ages that offers support and comfort, and for pleasure riders who would like something that caters for various disciplines. It combines the lightweight forward cut design of a jump saddle with the slightly deeper seat of a dressage saddle.
On each continent where there is a PHS Representative, we ensure that they are properly trained and they uphold the core values and philosophies of the Peter Horobin Saddlery brand, providing the customer with the most memorable and rewarding experience when purchasing a Peter Horobin saddle. Once you ride in a Peter Horobin saddle, you will ride in one for life.

We Love…

The StrideFree® Elite From £3995, adjustable version £4500
StrideFree General Purpose (GP) Saddle £3995
StrideFree Kanga Jump Saddle £3995

Foxy Equestrian


Your first stop to create your own equestrian wardrobe. Style yourself with Foxy from XC colours through to Riding tights, Hoodies, Jackets and the all essential Ear warmers.

They say…

FoxyEquestrian make for you. Be creative and stand out from the crowd with your own Foxy style.
Sophie, MD of FoxyEquestrian will help you design your very own equestrian wardrobe so you can look and feel great whether you are at the yard, out with friends or cosying up at home.

We love…

Black and Rose Gold Chevron Base Layer Set, £90
New Foxy Base - Silver/Rose Gold, £39.95
Blush and Rose Gold Hoodie, £40 - £52



They Say…

Protect your horse’s health with the Haygain hay steamer – the only scientifically proven method of eliminating up to 99% of dust, bacteria, fungi and mould in forage that can harm a horse’s health.

We love…

Haygain’s Hay Steamers
The only scientifically proven method of purifying your horse’s hay – eliminating up to 99% of the dust, bacteria, fungi and mould found in even the best quality forage. Ideal for horses prone to respiratory problems, allergies or digestive issues. Available in four different sizes to suit all needs from the one horse owner to the busy yard owner. Haygain steamers are used and recommended by veterinarians, scientists, professional riders and horse owners all over the world.

Haygain’s ComfortStall
ComfortStall is a unique veterinary approved orthopaedic, fully sealed and impermeable stable flooring system. Provides cushioned anti fatigue support to joints, tendons and ligaments and eliminates the need for deep bedding which can save you time mucking out and money on bedding. Quote available on request.

Flexineb Nebulisers
Flexineb nebulisation enables veterinarians, horse owners and trainers to help manage a wide range of both acute and chronic respiratory issues in horses. The nebuliser administers prescription medication or natural therapies deep into the lungs through fine aerosol mist.

Haygain’s Hay Steamers. Prices start at £789
Haygain’s ComfortStall. Quote available on request.
Flexineb Nebulisers. Prices start at £399 for the MDI system.

Royal Equestrian


Royal Equestrian provide top quality goods for horse and rider from the leading brands worldwide.

They say…

Royal Equestrian provide only the most luxurious brands for the horse and rider. Our aim is to ensure you look and feel your best – by offering a wide range of premium products, with only the best customer service. We strive to offer a complete competition outfit. You can choose from our huge range of breeches, shirts and competition jackets from Samshield or Equiline, add some stunning boots from Parlanti or Petrie and finish your outfit with a Samshield or KASK helmet. As one of the largest stockists of Samshield Hats in the United Kingdom, we can confidently assist you in designing your dream helmet – with thousands of options, you can create something completely bespoke, or chose from the huge range of stock at our Bedfordshire show room.
Our stunning Equline Glamour Hoodie is produced from a soft, breathable material to keep you warm this winter. Finished with satin detailing on the hood and a Rose Gold microstud horse graphic on the front. Perfect with your favourite breeches for training, or pair with jeans for a casual look.
Worn by the leading riders in the world, Parlanti Riding Boots are handcrafted in Italy from full-grain calfskin leather. The Maiami is equipped with an elastic back panel for the most flexible, comfortable fit.
For training we ensure our clothing is high quality, practical and stylish!

We Love …

Equiline Glamour Hoodie £158
Samshield helmets from £213
Parlanti Miami Riding Boots £455



Grooming products for your horse

They say…

Eqclusive and Alan Davies work closely together to bring the best grooming products to you. We created now six different packs of brushes that cater to your specific needs.

Alan is Carl’s international travelling groom, with Valegro, Uthopia, Freestyle and the other horses at the yard. Alan has clocked up many thousands of air and road miles and travelled the world to Olympics, World and European Championships. Alan’s attention to detail and devotion to his charges has earned him recognition wherever he goes, now known as ‘super groom’ he has helped demonstrate the rewards and enjoyment of a being career groom. The Alan Signature pack consists of eight most needed brushes to turn your horse out to the highest possible standard at the show.
We truly believe that shine comes from within (good quality feed and plenty of needed natural oils), but what to use when you require a quick fix or maybe need your horse’s coat to have a better condition? Bottled horse shine sprays, horse glosses or special towels typically only work for a day. We have an alternative that will work always and keep an amazing condition of your horse’s coat.
Our company is built on years of equestrian knowledge and decades of being professional grooms (and even equine vets). Travelling across the whole of Europe, we’ve had the chance and privilege to use many different products.
Eqclusive brush packs have been designed to target specific problems of each type of horse’s coat. As horses have three different types of coats, we created three different packs. Eqclusive Packs clean the coat from the skin right to the top coat, then give the amazing shine. The first brushes go deep into the coat, right to the skin, and need to be made of the same type of hair that your horse has. The density of the brush is important, as this is what gives you the ability to go through the coat, clean the skin and pores, and give amazing results. The next brush in the pack will then start to clean the topcoat and get the ultimate shine! The new range of cosmetics, developed and tested by Eqclusive owner – called by Carl Hester “the brush lady” – Marta! Pro Diamond range has been developed to support the most natural, and trusted for centuries, way of grooming. Based on a simple belief that horses need a clean but oily coat to be healthy. Natural oil comes from feed to their skin & coat, but to get there, it needs clean pores and circulation. This range goes very well with our patented packs of brushes, and it naturally enhances their results!

We love…

Eqclusive Packs from £80
Alan Davies Pack £119.99
Pro Diamond Range of Cosmetics for Your Horse from £4.99

Espayo Equestrian


Espayo specialise in sourcing and stocking some of the finest brands available in Europe- such as Cavalleria Toscana, Equiline, Filli Fabbri and Kask amongst others.
They say…

At Espayo we specialise in sourcing and stocking the best equestrian products in Europe for men and women. From our exclusive collection of Filli Fabbri boots, to the world-class equestrian fashion from top brands such as Cavalleria Toscana and Equiline, to the ultimate in style and protection from KASK equestrian helmets. Whatever you need to curate the perfect riding outfit, we have it. Espayo is constantly striving to be at the forefront of supplying all the latest styles and trends in the equestrian market. Our classic Cavalleria Toscana Supergrip breeches are a worldwide best seller and difficult to beat for style and comfort. Features include; the renowned CT gripping system on the inside of the knee; Lycra socks to prevent any bunching under your riding boots and bi stretch, fast drying, easy care, anti-bacterial, anti-UV and breathable fabric We offer these exceptional riding breeches in a fabulous array of seven different colours for you to choose from. The stunning Ladies Grand Prix competition jacket is walking proof of Cavalleria Toscana’s effortless style. Stocked by Espayo in a glorious six different colours, this elegant, stunningly tailored ladies show jacket is the perfect mix of fantastic design and a statement look. The lovely belted and quilted Noranda ladies jacket from French equestrian clothing company Flags and Cup is the ultimate in equine chic. Flags and Cup is a line of equestrian fashion that has been created by riders, for riders, and it shows.The gorgeous Noranda ladies quilted coat is being sold by Espayo in an eye catching royal blue, rich plum or classic navy. Tailored for a closer, flattering fit, the horizontal quilted sections are filled with a patented fibre for warmth.
We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the equestrian marketplace, and we will always help and advice in any way we can, whether you are professional or an aspiring amateur. We offer worldwide shipping and next-day delivery on a wide range of products.

We Love …

Cavalleria Toscana Ladies Supergrip Breeches- £210.00
Cavalleria Toscana Ladies GP Jacket - £430.00
Flags and Cup Ladies Noranda Jacket - £175

Tidy Tack Rooms


Tidy Tack Rooms help horse owners and riders, tidy, organise, transport and protect their equipment, allowing you to lower stress, create time and space and save money.

They Say…

At Tidy Tack Rooms we are committed to helping you organise your tack room and time to enable you to protect your investments and live your best riding life.
Our own range of products are designed in house and also used by us every day, they are all made by hand in the UK, with quality, ease of use and longevity at the heart of each design.
We pride ourselves on our exceptional level of customer service and knowledge of care and storage of equestrian equipment. Having established ourselves over the last 3 years we are rapidly becoming the go to company for advice and inspiration on tack room storage, set up and equipment.
We are committed to continuing to help you improve your tack rooms and better care for your equipment, as well as designing new innovate products to make your riding life easier, tidier and more organised. The complete tack room starter kit is everything you need to get your tack room tidy and organised. The bags come labelled and are available in a variety of colours, you can also add personalisation such as names and logo and comprises of one Field rug bag, one Stable Rug Bag, one Saddlecloth Bag, one Travel Boot Bag & one Small rug bag. The Saddle Sherpa is the Rolls Royce of saddle trolleys that carries two saddles and folds flat when not in use. Easily fits into the car, lorry or trailer. The saddle Sherpa is designed to cover all terrain, including muddy and bumpy ground – perfect for moving your kit around at stay away shows. It also comes equipped with a huge basket underneath for all your boots, bandages, whips, drinks, gloves etc and a really handy hanging grooming bag, perfect for plaiting and also carrying ring essentials, or on the lorry / trailer as a vet kit.
Our Saddlecloth Storage bags protect and organise all your saddlecloths and matchy collections. Each bag holds up to 10 saddlecloths or 5 sets of saddlecloths and bandages / boots. No more searching around for the matching set or having to carefully handle a precariously balanced pile of saddlecloths. With 12 colours to choose from there really is something for everyone. The bags come labelled to make managing your tack room even easier, and for the personal touch you can add names or logos. A perfect Christmas present or a treat for yourself. If you are looking to start getting your tack room organised, we can take away the feeling of being overwhelmed, start by looking at our 21-day system designed to get your tack room tidy and organised in under 10 minutes a day, and for all things storage check out the starter kits on the website – all our essentials arranged into easy-to-use kits that take the hassle out of deciding what storage you need.

We Love…

Saddlecloth Storage Bags From £26
The Saddle Sherpa £195
The Complete Tack Room Starter Kit £125

Omega Equine


They say…

Omega Equine have built a fantastic range of innovative supplements, which have proved extremely popular with equine consumers including individual leisure horse owners through to Gold Medal winning competition riders.

Having completed the development of our new manufacturing facility we are now excited and ready to produce a full range of supplements for like-minded horse owners.

At Omega Equine years of research has been conducted by our company director Paul Ainsworth whose background includes competing at international level, growing ingredients and the manufacturing sector. He has researched particularly the most beneficial ingredients and how they work together to optimise equine health.

Products have been designed using the best ingredients sourced and are manufactured in our BETA NOPS accredited factory.
We offer a unique specialist range of healthy supplements from our own Cold Pressed Flax oil to Muscle products including a naturally sourced Vitamin E.

All our products go through rigorous testing to give you peace of mind when feeding to your horse.

We are excited to showcase our new range of products and share with you our forward moving brand.

We Love…

Winter Respiratory Health – Respirair Boost

Bringing your horses in out of the elements, where they can enjoy a haynet and a warm bed is a comforting feeling for many owners. Although these dry environments offer a rest from the cold, damp conditions outside, they bring their own hazards. Hay and bedding can create a dusty environment, combined with reduced movement your horses lungs can feel the strain. Our Respirair Boosts key natural ingredients work together to soothe the airways for easy and natural breathing, working as a decongestant and helping to maintain lung integrity by supporting healthy tissue growth and sustaining a healthy response to inflammation.

Winter Digestion – Omega Gut Balancer

Digestive health is such an important part of your horses general well being. Seasonal changes effect our horses routine and diet. During winter months grazing decreases and we look to other forage and hard feed options. Ensuring your horses digestive system has the right balance of good and bad bacteria is essential for optimum health. With known links between digestion and the brain, a comfortable gut is not only good for your horses physical well-being but also their mental well-being.

Winter Wellbeing – Vitality

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, omega fatty acids and plant extracts, these super foods get to work supporting your horses immune system and general wellbeing. Winter can be a challenging time of year, cold, damp weather and a lack of grazing can leave your horses immune system vulnerable. From the natural native to clipped competition horse, Omega Vitality has you covered.

Winter Respiratory Health - Respirair Boost, 925g £21.99 - offering a 500kg horse a 6 week supply (when fed at maintenance level)
Winter Digestion - Omega Gut Balancer, Available in 650g £15.99 (6 weeks supply for 500kg horse fed at maintenance level) 1.3kg £27.50 (12 weeks supply for 500kg horse fed at maintenance level) 5.66kg £104.50
Winter Wellbeing - Vitality, Available in 1.5kg £14.99 (4 week supply 500kg horse fed at maintenance level) 3kg Refill £22.99 (2 months supply 500kg horse fed at maintenance level)

Glaze & Gordon


Glaze & Gordon is a British born equestrian and country collection that offers something a little bit different for hounds, horses, humans, and the home.

They say…

Founder, Becs, handpicks well-designed, stylish products from trusted artisans and boutique brands across Great Britain, Europe and the Americas. Some of which are relatively unknown, or, hard to find in the UK.

Becs moved to New York with Mr Gordon in 2011 and found the range and quality of products across the pond to be unbelievable and designs that offer something a little bit different.

From the realm of resources in the U.S. and South America we have created a line of bespoke products as well as bringing the hard-to-find U.S. brands to a forefront in the U.K. We are also dedicated to promoting brands from our home turf and Europe to create an irresistible amalgamation of equestrian and country items.

Our ethos is to provide high quality, smart items at a fair price packaged up with top-notch service – sounds simple but, in our experience, hard to find.

Our cornerstone products and brands include: Pravins Atelier wide stirrup leathers, Ronner clothing and loafers, Goode Rider denim breeches, Outback wax outerwear, Glaze & Gordon homeware (oven gloves, aga tops, mugs), Smathers & Branson needlepoint belts, key rings and accessories, Glaze & Gordon leather – horse tack, belts and bags.

We Love…

Pravins Wide Stirrup Leathers, £125
Goode Rider Equestrian Jeans, £165
Smathers & Branson Elephant Martini Needlepoint Belt, £145

Voltaire Design


Committed to making the highest quality and most technologically advanced saddlery around, Voltaire Design are top of the range.

They say…
“Established in 2010, Voltaire Design has become the leading French manufacturer of high performance sports saddles. Handmade in France using the finest French leather, Voltaire Design saddles have become renowned for their innovation, comfort and the ability to fully customise each saddle to the horse and rider.

Voltaire Design has fast emerged as one of the most in-demand saddle makers in the United Kingdom and globally are very proud to partner with an array of leading riders, including Beezie Madden, Harriet Nuttall, Will and Olli Fletcher, Louise Saywell, Oliver Tuff,  Geoff Billington and Jodie Hall McAteer to name just a few.

Voltaire Design produce saddles for the forward thinking rider who demands style and substance, while prioritising freedom of movement for the horse, together with elegance, durability and customer service. In addition to eight saddle models for jumping, dressage and cross-country. Voltaire Design also offer an exquisite range of beautiful bridles, girths, breastplates and other must have accessories for horse and rider. Voltaire Design combine comfort and performance for the horse and rider, alongside innovative design to produce saddles that enable every rider to fulfil their potential.”

We love…

Bardette Saddle
Voltaire Design’s beautiful Bardette saddle and find out how you can GET 20% OFF!
⁠Available now in the UK and Ireland, enabling even the very smallest of riders to express their potential with Voltaire Design!⁠ ⁠ Voltaire Design’s Bardette saddle really is the ‘King of the Bardette saddles’ with an enviable range of features, including:⁠ ⁠ ?Exquisite Elegance⁠ ⁠ ?Adaptable Style⁠ ⁠ ?Unrivalled Durability⁠ ⁠ ?Security and Stability for Rider⁠ ⁠ ?Comfort for the Pony⁠ ⁠ ⁠ The Voltaire Design Bardette is ready to support your little rider as they begin their first steps in the saddle priced at £390 in brown or £450 – take advantage of our very SPECIAL OFFER.
Available to UK and Ireland.

Palm Beach Saddle
Get 15% Off The PALM BEACH
Timeless elegance, innovation, comfort and optimal performance – just some of the reasons why many of the world’s leading riders choose the Palm Beach saddle by Voltaire Design.
Developed by Voltaire Design’s in house research and development team in partnership with leading riders the Palm Beach enables riders to improve their position and optimise performance. Offering market leading comfort and closeness of contact, the Palm Beach is an excellent saddle choice for riders of all abilities.

Get 15% off of any order that contains a NEW Palm Beach jumping saddle, whether the order is just for a Palm Beach saddle or includes other items such as accessories or even another saddle.


Send us a DM or call your local Saddle Specialist directly on the numbers below, for a FREE consultation.

South East, Jess Cross, 07776 143274
South Central and South West, Ellen Cameron, 07444 593496
Home Counties, Phil Roelich, 07717 507560
West of England, Oliver Smith, 07341 564351
Midlands, Laura Marsden, 07468 417811
Wales, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Scotland & Northern England, Shane Speak, 07384 542445
Cumbria, North & East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland & Norfolk, Bonnie Desborough, 07799 817319
Ireland, Phil Roelich, +44 (0) 7717 507560
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Welli Saddle
Enjoy A £650 Saving On The Welli Saddle! The Welli is Voltaire Design’s iconic saddle for young riders and their ponies. Developed to improve the position of the little rider and ensure optimal comfort in the saddle thanks to a raft of features: ?A wooden composite tree makes it one of the lightest saddles available on the market ?Custom made panels to fit your pony ?Multiple flap possibilities for your child’s comfort and security ?Exquisite detailing ?Fully customisable saddle gullet in range of colours or with the famous Voltaire Design stripes.


Find out how your Voltaire Design Saddle Specialist can help you.

South East, Jess Cross, 07776 143274
South Central and South West, Ellen Cameron, 07444 593496
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The UK’s seller of the unique and very popular Soxtrot riding socks.

They say…

Soxtrot socks have become a firm favourite for many, who return regularly to stock up on the numerous new designs which arrive throughout the year.

Fun, practical and unusual – lightweight durable boot socks that make perfect presents. 150 amazing designs. Great for men, women and children. Tight boots fit comfortably. Keep feet warm and dry.

The socks are thin, breathable and warm with a super comfy silky feel. They last for years, never fall down and were the winner of Horse & Hound magazine’s ‘Best Welly Sock’.

Soxtrot UK was started when we found the socks in a tack shop in America, loved them, brought some back to the UK as presents, and our friends loved them so much that we were constantly asked for more!

Fun, practical and unusual, they make fantastic presents – as we found out!

We Love…

Bird of Paradise Adult £9.90, Child/Teen £9.50, Ankle £7.90
Be Lucky Turquoise Adult £9.90, Child/Teen £9.50, Ankle £7.90
Cadre Noir Adult £9.90, Child/Teen £9.50, Ankle £7.90

World Horse Welfare


An International horse charity carrying out important work to support horses and their owners.

They say…

We are an international charity whose values are grounded in pragmatism and compassion that strives to support and improve the horse-human partnership in all of its guises.

Our mission is to work with horses, horse owners, communities, organisations and governments to improve welfare standards and stamp out suffering in the UK and worldwide.

We believe that horses and humans have evolved a unique partnership and that horses have an important role in society which is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. Whether working animals, family pets, equine athletes, conservation grazers or companions, horses contribute to our lives, cultures and economies. This partnership is right so long as people take full responsibility for their welfare. We base our work on scientific evidence and on our 90 years of horse care experience. We also support research to improve horse welfare.

We are cost conscious in everything we do. From seeking the gifting or sponsorship of equipment and services, to reusing our materials, to seeking the best value for money from our suppliers and reviewing all contracts regularly – we always work to avoid waste.

We work across the UK with horses, horse owners, other charities, academia, the veterinary profession, sport bodies, law enforcement and government to improve welfare standards. Internationally we work to improve the lives of working horses whose communities rely on for their livelihoods.

There are many ways that you can help us improve the lives of horses in the UK and around the world, from joining our membership scheme to sponsoring a Stableyard, or becoming involved as a fundraiser.
World Horse Welfare relies on your charitable donations to help the needs of horses around the world.

Pack of 10 cards with envelopes featuring World Horse Welfare Nettle and Lyra waiting patiently for their morning feed at Hall Farm, as the sky fills with snow. £3.95
Membership £32 and Great value horse rider insurance with membership £52. Protect yourself and the horses you love while supporting an organisation that’s promoting better welfare for horses.
Pack of 10 cards with envelopes featuring the Household Cavalry Band £3.95

Röwer & Rüb

Quality high-end stabling and living spaces for the Equestrian market.

They say…

For more than a century the Röwer & Rüb brand has stood for first-class quality, extensive experience and unending passion. What began more than 150 years ago in a small blacksmith’s shop has evolved through constant striving for perfection in craftsmanship and high standards in our own work into a traditional brand known throughout the world – made in Germany! We have made it our business to individually design living spaces for horses with great attention to detail and to create them using state-of-the-art technology. We supply everything from a single source and always in close collaboration with our customers, which is the only way to make our products a true lifestyle experience.

The Röwer & Rüb team is supporting you from the first consultation until the completion of your project, to make sure your requirements are met. During the planning phase, we are also supporting you in finding the best solution for your project – no matter if you are planning a new facility or renovating and extending an existing one. We will find the perfect solution for you – worldwide and on time!

The high safety standard of our products is our priority. We always seek the best solution for minimizing the risk of injuries for the horse and those caring for the horse. As well, we focus on creating modern equine facilities, meeting the basic needs of any horse: sufficient air, light, and space.

We Love…

Support from the Design stage all the way through construction.
This_Esme taking a tour of one of our installations
There are hundreds of possibilities and design elements to choose from.

Pony Magazine


PONY Mag has everything for the young rider! An award-winning magazine, Yearbooks, subscription offers and merch from your fave social media stars, This Esme, Pony Nuts and Teddy the Shetland.

They say…

PONY Mag is the UK’s number 1 magazine for young riders, featuring riding tips, your fave horsey celebs, pony know-how and competitions to win the best prizes! Plus, head over to to check out our amazing range of merch, featuring This Esme, Pony Nuts, Teddy the Shetland, the exclusive Charlotte Dujardin Yearbook and so much more. It’s the perfect place to shop for horsey gifts and get Christmas all wrapped up – or just treat yourself!

We Love…

Subscribe to PONY Magazine this Christmas and receive one of these great gifts! Just make sure to quote the offer code OLYXMAS20, when you call 01442 820580. Minimum 13-issue term applies.
The Yearbook bundle will save you over 20%, pick from PONY the Annual 2021, Teddy the Shetland Yearbook, or the Charlotte Dujardin Yearbook £15
Shopping for a big This Esme fan? This bundle offer would make the perfect Christmas gift! £15

Horse Health


Visit Horse Health for the complete LeMieux range of rider apparel, saddle pads, equine boots, rugs, grooming products, equestrian luggage and much more.

They Say…

The perfect Christmas shopping stop for everyone; from the matchy matchy fan to the competitive rider with gift ideas and stocking fillers to suit every budget and wish list.
This year’s highlights include the much anticipated new LeMieux Autumn Winter season matching colour collections, winter clothing including beautiful winter coats, base layers and winter accessories such as hats, snoods and socks.
You will also find Acavallo non-slip and shock absorbing gel pads and accessories, stirrups, therapeutic products and feed supplements.”
Take a look at the LeMieux Fleece Rug. A smart and incredibly versatile rug that has it all, the LeMieux Fleece Rug is made from a super-soft anti-pilling polar fleece that ensures optimum wicking and cooling. The perfect rug for throw over at a show the rug is secured by twin belly straps that can be secured inside or outside of the rug. Luxuriously finished with faux rabbit fur collar and styled with colour coordinating braid and hip ornaments in Sizes: 5’9 to 6’9 and in colours Navy and Mocha. The Heritage Brush Set with Luxury Canvas Bag will help you groom in style with the complete set of Heritage Brushes, for all your grooming needs! Comes with a full set of the LeMieux Heritage Brushes and the Luxury Canvas Grooming Bag, making it the perfect all in one kit in Navy or Grey. Or how about the Loire Short Coat that is luxuriously warm and generously filled with eco-friendly DuPont synthetic filling. These coats have the warmth of down with the bounce-back durability of cotton, retaining their fullness even after washing. Additional fleece lining on the back and pockets with a faux fur lined collar these coats ensure ultimate comfort to beat the chill of any showground.

We Love…

Loire Short Coat £129.95
Heritage Brush Set with Luxury Canvas Bag £154.50
LeMieux Fleece Rug £129.95



Harcour is a French equestrian fashion brand that stands out not only for its elegance but also for its creativity and advanced innovation.

They say…

Harcour has been the Official Supplier to the French Equestrian Team since 2017. As riding is a lifestyle, Harcour designs two limited edition collections every year dedicated to the equestrian world adapting to riders’ everyday life offering products with eye-appeal, fashion forward & up-to-date. Harcour also offers a classic sport collection for training and competition.

How could we produce equestrian collections if we had not been horse riders, horse owners, breeders or just horse lovers ourselves? All of us are deeply involved in the equestrian world during our leisure time or our job. It’s our daily routine, our lifestyle so our determination to share our passion encouraged us to create a range of products specially made for horses and horse riders.

It takes months to create our collections. We believe in our designs, we review and question constantly, will you like the shapes, the colours, the materials? Will they suit your tastes?

Our goal is to provide you with quality products, designed and created in France, so you can stand out but yet look elegant and feel comfortable in your equestrian clothes. We never forget that riding is a sport. We select the most relevant materials for comfort or waterproofing so you can be in tune with your horse.

Our products are tested by a certified company to guarantee the best quality. Some partner riders also help us by testing our products over several months to feedback to us what is best about them.

Amélie and Inès have been working for months to present their Harcour designs to you. As passionate riders, they are highly motivated to provide you with the best possible products.

We want you to become as totally obsessed by our collections, as we are. We love thinking of all the places, the events, the competitions, the people and the horses that our products are being used by and we are very proud of this motivating challenge!

We Love …

Sim £85.98 This fabric jacket is an essential piece for cold winters. It is lined in fake fur to provide warmth and comfort.
Beezie £146.98 Women's competition jacket in Mesh fabric. Bi stretch and Fast dry technology.
Jalisca £119.98 These breeches feature "Fix System" technology along the inside knee. The breeches are water repellent and made from a bi-stretch material.

Flying Changes


Flying Changes offers customised and ready to wear jackets, tailcoats, and accessories.

They say…

Our tagline says it all: The Choice of Champions. If you compete at the highest levels, or simply want the confidence that comes from being outfitted like those at the top of their game, Flying Changes is dedicated to giving you the quality, design and fit to do your best in the show ring.

And whether you choose one of our ready-made show jackets or tail coats, or partner with us to tailor-make a garment with every design detail chosen by you, we’d consider it an honour to count you among our 1,000’s of delighted clients, worldwide – chosen because we outperform the rest, our expertise is unparalleled, and our service can be 100% relied upon.

Everybody loves surprises so if you buy a ready to wear in stock item ( excluding sale items) – if for any reason it is not suitable, we will remake it for you, including any necessary customised measurements or details, at no extra charge in the New Year! Or it may be simply returned for an alternative size or a full refund.

Use our amazing new Design Studio to create a customised order now that we will process immediately. Due to the present ongoing situation in Europe we cannot guarantee it will be ready for Christmas but if it isn’t we will make sure you have a customised stock or silk tie to give as a gift this Christmas and an image of the design if it is a secret.

Buy a gift voucher for £400.00 or more, to be used against a customised order and pay just £100.00 now. Pay the remainder in 4 easy installments, at the beginning of each month and the small remaining balance when the coat is ready.
You can choose exactly how much you pay in each installment.

Take advantage of our amazing Christmas offers and give your loved one the gift they have always wanted this Christmas!

We Love …

Use our amazing new Design Studio to create a customised order now that we will process immediately.
Buy a gift voucher for £400.00 or more, to be used against a customised order and pay just £100.00 now.
Jackets in Long, Short for every Discipline and Made to Measure and in Stock items available also.



With 41 years of experience in equine nutrition, you can rest assured that Feedmark supplements will provide your horse with the finest quality nutritional support to optimise their wellbeing and performance.

They say…

Feedmark are passionate about providing the best possible nutritional support for your horse. Over the last 41 years, they have been working hard to provide horse owners with high quality, science-based supplements that are effective.
Animal health and welfare are at the heart of everything they do.

Their Science and Nutrition Department are on hand 7 days a week to ensure that your horse has the best possible diet to support their individual needs. They are fully approved by BETA NOPS and UFAS quality assurance schemes so you can be confident that their supplements are created to the highest possible standard.

Feedmark are the proud producers of what is probably the world’s best joint supplement, Best-Flex HA®. Created using scientific research, Best-Flex HA® has become a firm favourite among horse owners across the world!

Their extensive catalogue of products means there is something for everyone. Be sure to visit to find out more about their effective, science-based products.

We love…

Best-Flex HA® Joint Supplement £71.99
Benevit™ Vitamin and Mineral Balancer £38.99
Ultimate Ease™ Support Gastrointestinal Comfort £60.99

Equitex – The Saddle Pad Company


Exceptional saddle pads for your horse.

They say…

Equitex Saddle Pads are handcrafted in Italy using advance technical materials. They are designed to provide your horse with ultimate back protection. Guaranteed non-slip with a Tech velvet that wicks away sweat. No straps, they are the ultimate shock absorption, breathable and machine washable. No rubbing, available in Close Contact, Dressage, GP and more and in a variety of colours.

We Love…

Saddlepad £199
Saddlepad £199
Jumping Saddlepad £199

DVR Equestrian


DVR Equestrian offer men’s and women’s equestrian-wear clever in both style and function. Known for their recycled products, eco-friendly practises and the STYLE VIS™ collection.

They say..

“DVR Equestrian is an up and coming luxury equestrian sport and lifestyle brand here to change the game.

DVR challenges current ways of thinking in areas they care about and design useful, beautiful products with reason and purpose. In turn, they are broadening people’s imaginations to what equestrian-wear can be.

Offering unisex, womenswear and horsewear designs, DVR are well known for their environmentally friendly practises, using recycled and organic fabrics wherever possible, offering a free repairs service on their products, and compostable packaging only.

DVR are also popular for their STYLE VIS™ collection. A range of technical equestrian-wear using fluorescent fabrics and reflective detailing to improve rider visibility.”

We Love…

Penny Pull On Jodhpurs £79.99
Santos Shirt Graphite £56.99
Recycled Belt Bag £25.00



DriRug® – Revolutionary horse drying.

They say…

Use after bathing, working up a sweat, travelling or in the stable as nothing sticks! Super absorbent. Quick dry. Lightweight and durable. Machine washable. 7 sizes.

DriRug® is made out of a super absorbent lightweight special fabric. It’s super quick- wicking action absorbs more moisture faster than anything else tested and dries out in record time so you can carry on doing what you love.

DriRug® can be used for travelling, after bathing or working up a sweat, it not only dries your horse faster but will also regulate its temperature, cooling when he’s hot or warming when he’s cold.

So convenient to use in the stable as an under-rug or on its own as bedding, straw and shavings won’t stick to the DriRug® fabric. If your horse rolls nothing sticks, just give it a shake.

• Super absorbent
• Lightweight and versatile
• Dries out quickly
• Ideal for sensitive types
• Machine washable
• Tumble dry

We Love …

DriRug® Robe - £89
DriRug® Mitt - £20
DriRug® from £120

Maxima Equestrian


Maxima Equestrian is a family business based in East Sussex who sell colourful yet practical horse and pony rugs at affordable prices and in sizes from 3′ to 7′.

They say…

When the founder of Maxima Equestrian, Haylie Rudgley, couldn’t find the right style of rug at the right price for her own horses, she decided to design and sell her own rugs instead. She chose to produce practical, well-fittings rugs in a range of striking colours and patterns at affordable prices. That was in 2008, and since then Maxima Equestrian has gone from strength to strength, with an ever-increasing range of rugs.

Maxima Equestrian soon expanded its range to include accessories such as headcollars, dog coats, equine travel wear, saddle covers, saddle pads etc., which co-ordinate with their rugs! In 2019 they introduced the equine pick ‘n’ mix, Maxima Mix ‘n’ Munch, to the UK – full details of which can be found in a separate listing in the shopping directory.

We Love…

1200 Denier Lightweight Standard Neck Turnout Rug in Multi Diamond £49.99 with free UK delivery
Navy Star Standard Neck Fleece Rug £24.99 with free UK delivery
Navy Star Deluxe Fleece Heacollar with Lead Rope - £14.99 with free UK delivery

Black Heart Equestrian


A super fashion forward equestrian brand!

They Say…

Black Heart Equestrian is a British equestrian and lifestyle brand creating a new generation of rider wear for the modern rider. Our aim is for performance active wear to meet fashion with products intended to be multi-purpose – from ‘hack-out’ to ‘work-out’. All products are designed in-house and made exclusively for us, with each piece carefully created for maximum performance and wearability.
Our range of clothing is suitable for all equestrian disciplines as well as for leisurewear and other sporting activities. Drawing inspiration from athletic sports such as cycling and skiing, our brand is all about affordable yet high-spec technical clothing. Our designs are defined by specialist performance fabric and practical features such as UPF 50 sun protection. A program of vigorous testing by international riders has helped to create fashionable and functional clothes for riders to look good and feel good on and off their horse.

We Love…

Camouflage Sleeveless Base Layer £37.00. Black Flex Riding Leggings £40.00. &. Black Sleeveless Base Layer £37.00 and Camouflage Limited Edition Riding Leggings £40.00
Forest Green Base Layer £40.00 and Forest Green Flex Leggings £40.00
Black Flex Riding Leggings £40.00 and White Long-Sleeved Base Layer £40.00

Poll Position


Technology can help you in the saddle from Poll Position

They say…

Improve your moves whilst staying fit and focused this winter with the innovative new product ‘Poll Position Audio Coaching’. This discreet headset fits comfortably under the riding hat and offers over 100 minutes of fun exercises which can be skipped, replayed and tailor made to suit your horses needs and your own time schedule. This handy gadget also allows you to communicate with your instructor at any distance away so ideal for windy days, warm up rings or the cross-country field.

Poll Position is keen to see a reduce in ‘quick fix’ gadgets whilst injecting fun and motivation into your riding. Many riders have told us it can be difficult to stay positive through the winter months with riding becoming a dark and cold sport so we developed the audio coaching headset by a rider, for the rider. The headset comes with a pre loaded training sim which inserts into the headset and can be listened to wherever, whenever the rider needs some inspiration. Further training sims are also available as well as a choice of flatwork or polework. The headset has built in bluetooth enabling you to make calls, listen to music and hear your instructor even on the windiest of days making this the ‘go to’ product in every riders tack room at the moment.

We love…

Poll Position Audio Coaching - Flat work £60
Poll Position Posture Corrector - £19.99
Poll Position Audio Coaching - Pole work £60



Stormchase, suppliers of the ultimate wrist & hand warmers.

They Say…

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers are the ultimate extra layer to keep you warm in the harshest of weather conditions. Using the latest technology and materials Stormchase outerwear products are designed specifically for outdoor sports and pursuits where loss of movement in the hands and fingers is not an option.

What we love…

New In… fingerless riding gloves
Many horsemen, flat jockeys and some jump jockeys are now wearing them!
Tom Queally (flat Jockey who rode Frankel in all his races) quoted,” Their style, comfort and performance are equal.”

Stormchase riding gloves
Children absolutely love wearing these gloves, because they are light, warm, breathable, durable and have the best grip. Lots of children wear them out hunting.

Stormchase wrist and hand warmers
So many people wear these warmers for their chosen outdoor sport, work or hobby when wearing full gloves isn’t an option.
The gauntlet part of the warmer insulates the lower forearm which creates a warmer blood flow down to the fingers. Thermal, breathable, durable and comfortable.

New In... fingerless riding gloves, £28
Stormchase riding gloves, £15 per pair
Stormchase wrist and hand warmers, £24.95

Treehouse Sporting Colours


Treehouse Sporting Colours provide the complete safety-wear package including helmets, body protectors, strirrups and airjackets, plus so much more!

They say…

“Established in 1998, Treehouse Sporting Colours has grown in to one of the leading equestrian safety wear specialists. We pride ourselves in sourcing innovative products, such as Aerochill, and providing items from the world’s most trusted brands. The number of brands we hold has grown over the years to include supplements, riding accessories, dog coats and toys, waterproofs, whips and everyday riding clothing. Nevertheless, Treehouse has stayed true to its roots providing a bespoke service for cross-country and racing. We are proud to supply all equestrian levels and disciplines, from riding school riders to Olympic stars, and hairy ponies to Grand National winners.

The Treehouse team are equestrian enthusiasts and offer an expert, qualified and personal service to all, both in the office and at many shows throughout the year, including Badminton, Burghley, Blenheim and Olympia. It has been sad not to see you at shows this year but love to see you online.

We look forward to being in contact with you via telephone, internet and social media. Should you wish to come for a covid-safe fitting at the Treehouse Office please ring in advance to ensure we are available! “

What we love…

Helite Air Jump Jacket (Outer Only), £320
Science Supplements Gut Balancer, £34.99
Treehouse Junior Glitter Unicorn XC Set, £87.50



They say…

Former rider and trainer Annika created Sederholm in 1998, to give competitive riders the edge through the finest quality saddlery.

“My goal is to provide an outstanding service, with beautifully hand crafted products, supported by an exemplary team.”
Sederholm have been the sole distributors of Butet saddles in the UK since 1993.

Buying a bespoke Butet saddle through Sederholm is the ultimate shopping experience from the fitting through to the finished product.

What we love…

Dy’on Collection Bridle with Anatomic Flash Noseband, £250
Butet Stirrup Leathers, £175
Butet Doublée Saddle, £4350

Salute Equestrian


Salute Equestrian is synonymous with the innovative and premium quality, Click & Connect Neck Strap, and also sells coordinating gifts to suit all budgets so whether you are looking for a stocking filler or special gift, Click on to Salute Equestrian.

They Say…

Our flagship product, the Click & Connect Neck Strap was inspired by the 2019 FEI XC Rule change to prevent equine injury caused by a loose neck strap falling forward.

Beautiful and easy to hold the multi-fit design enables the neck strap to connect to saddle or breastplate in a number of ways for improved versatility and in so doing enhances the efficacy of the traditional neck strap.

In reducing rotation, security when mounting or in a tricky situation is improved. In giving shoulder proprioception so the rider and horse can be guided more confidently in lateral work, past spooks or over ditches and skinnies. And the connection also means horse and rider can rebalance much better – for flatwork or in forward seat.

Feedback from our clients who include tiny tots, sedate seniors, steeplechasers, stunt riders and international competitors are that not only is their riding and confidence improved, but the confidence of their horse and performance too.

Using premium quality fittings and eco-friendly dyed leather as befits what will be an essential for every ride, we’ve nine styles for you to choose from – including Classic, Personalised, Diamante, Polo and HI-VIZ.

We love…

Diamante Neck Strap Ultimate Set, £139.95
Personalised Key Ring, £6.95
Multifunctional Neck Tube/Face Covering £14.95

Tylers Horse & Country


Tylers Horse & Country can embroider and personalise your horsey clothing and rider wear.

They say…

Tylers Horse and Country, Tylers Sportswear and Tylers Clothing are all divisions of a family business supplying quality, personalised clothing to sports, corporate and equestrian customers.
Personalised clothing and accessories for sports, workwear, country and equestrian clothing. Embroidery and printing onto all kinds of merdchandise with no minimum quantities. Individual items and one off commissions.
We’ve taken the hassle out of choosing the right garments. We have taken our best sellers and put them together into functional wearer bundles . Each bundle includes one embroidered logo on the left chest or near side of the saddlepads .We can add more embroidery if required.

We Love…

Embroidered Jackets
Embroidered Saddle cloths
Embroidered Rugs

Moore Equestrian

Moore Equestrian is the revolutionary destination for menswear in the equestrian industry, stocking some of the world’s leading brands – Cavalleria Toscana, Tucci and Alessandro Albanese.

They say…

Combining impeccable style and elegance with high tech features to maximise comfort and performance, shopping at Moore Equestrian you can indulge in style at the click of a button. The innovative and stylish collections by Cavalleria Toscana and Alessandro Albanese are available on our clean and easy to use online shopping platform on our website, alternatively you can contact our sales team via telephone or email to talk through your potential purchases.

We think you will love our products like the Alessandro Albanese Platinum Collection award winning MotionLite competition jacket. Its unrivalled levels of breathability and stretch, makes this jacket an absolute must for any man’s competition wardrobe. Available in range of colours and sizes.

Cavalleria Toscana’s Fall collection is home to this Winters perfect puffer jacket. The Quilted Hooded Puffer Jacket is designed to keep you warm this fall with its high collar and new Extra Warm technology from Cavalleria Toscana. Available in Navy or Grey. The Cavalleria Toscana New Grip System Breeches are cut in a classic style to suit and flatter every man, they are, undoubtedly, one of the comfiest pairs of breeches on the market. With the Cavalleria Toscana grip system as an added feature and lycra socks at the bottom to ensure optimum comfort, there isn’t a reason not to love them!

We are also now taking orders for the Tucci Time Collection, luxury Riding boots handmade in Italy. Tucci are home to the famously innovative and comfortable Harley boots, sought after by top international riders such as Scott Brash. For any enquiries or to view a catalogue, contact us at

We Love…

Alessandro Albanese Motionlite Competition Jacket £150
Cavalleria Toscana New Grip System Breeches £230
Cavalleria Toscana Quilted Puffer Jacket £458

Horse Education

Makers of the patented Hybrid Halter, hand tied lungeing and lead ropes and innovative equine fitness and training tools.

They say…

Your horse spends more hours of his life in his halter than any other piece of tack – isn’t it time to afford him the real training tool consideration his halter deserves? The patented Hybrid Halter Headcollar makes life easier by making itself the only piece of kit you and your horse need for everyday leading and tying, lungeing (it has a built in lungeing caveson), safe travel in the float and effective use in cross ties. It is more comfortable for your horse as it doesn’t twist his head, responds more lightly and when he needs some emotional support or gets scared, you automatically have the control you would have in a lead shank, but without any harshness. Styles available in both hard and soft rope.

If you are tired of lifeless, dirty, flimsy lead and lungeing ropes then upgrade your rope experience with our bespoke line of UV coated yachting braid lead and lunge ropes that are soft in the hand but resist dirt and wear. Our ropes carry the energy of your commands down its length easily for better control and won’t singe your hands if your horse pulls away.
Finishing details include exclusive, sturdy one-handed snap designs and meticulous hand stitching.
Also available in snap end reins with either solid brass or stainless steel hardware.

We Love…

We Also Have a New Range of Dog Collars
Hybrid Classic Nylon Halter £60, in Leather £85
Pocket Flag £22

Equine America UK


A provider of horse supplements to the equine market.

They say…

In order to maintain peak health and performance, it is important that horses have a balanced diet with the correct mix of vitamins and nutrients. Equine athletes have higher nutritional needs, to support the additional energy, they’re expending, so the best course of action for owners and trainers is to add in horse supplements to their feeding regimen. From joint care and respiratory care to digestive supplements, skincare, and hoof care products, we offer a varied range of equine supplements that can be easily incorporated into your horse’s diet.

For a horse to be healthy and happy it must be able to move comfortably and be free to be as mobile as it wants to be; be that running, rolling or any other kind of movement. Joint health can have a huge impact on the quality of life of a horse and signs of wear and tear can also impair performance in competition, it can slow training and make even a simple hack a painful uncomfortable experience. We specialise in joint care for horses, and have a range of supplements and products that are all designed and formulated to improve joint health and comfort. Our joint care products include supplements rich in natural products as well as cutting edge ingredients to help with horse joint care. From joint and mobility support from Buteless powders to Cortaflex joint supplement we have horse joint care covered.

Whatever you need to keep your horse in top condition, both for their overall wellbeing and for competitions, we have the products to support them. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind, as well as being on hand to offer advice and guidance should you wish to discuss any of our products.

We Love…

Glucosamine 12:10 Plus £39.99
Buteless Super Strength Powder From £19.99
Cortaflex Regular Powder From £21.99

KEP by SQ Equestrian


SQ Equestrian Products Ltd is a UK distributor of KEP Italia. KEP Italia superior helmets can be designed to your own specification or you can choose one of the classic styles.

They say…

Every model of helmet made by KEP Italia is developed based on the capacity to offer maximum safety, optimize rider performance and on the selection of materials that guarantee perfect hold and maximum comfort.
Moreover, every single KEP Italia product is also designed to be the perfect ambassador for the excellence that distinguishes the ‘Made in Italy’ label, in which the company is a firm believer. KEP Italia designs and manufactures its products in Italy, combining all the Italian experience in terms of design, elegance and style. KEP Italia is fully dedicated to the subject of safety, before each product enters production, it is subject to various tests to verify the durability of all its components and is approved and marketed only once it has successfully passed every one.

We Love…

KEP Cromo T with Light Blue Galassia Front Panel and Swarowski Crystals - £1,015.00, Every Part of the Helmet can be Altered to Design the Helmet of Your Dreams
KEP Carbon Jockey Helmet - £835.00
KEP Cromo T helmet - £529.00. Comes in Navy, Black, Grey or Brown as Standard



Hi-Vis accessories for you and your horse.

They say…

V-Bandz Ltd is a very established provider of equestrian and pet high visibility products. We shall miss seeing all of our regular Olympia customers in person this year. Some of you have been in touch telling us that you will be ordering from our website instead.
Rather than promote a couple of specific products to our Olympia customers, we will be offering an additional “Free Gift Product” on our website orders who hit a minimum qualifying spend. We are giving away a choice of products increasing in value and dependent on your order value (excluding P&P). This means that you can choose a product that you really want.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas season.

We Love …

Combi Brite Mesh Quarter Sheet £29.99, Rider Mesh Waistcoat £24.99 - £25.99
Orange and Yellow Deluxe Legbands £12.50 - £13.50
Combi Bib in Orange and Yellow £14.99 and Matching Fly Mask & Ears £7.25



Thermatex is part of Vale Brothers Ltd and is based on the west coast of Wales in the UK.  Situated in the beautiful rolling countryside around the Teifi Estuary, Thermatex has been in existence for over twenty years providing technological products for the equine market.

They say…

At Thermatex we are well known for our technologically advanced wicking fabrics and have a worldwide reputation for high quality, prompt dispatch and excellent after sales service.

Our unique Cooler rugs are designed and proven to actively wick moisture away from the horse through the fabric, then allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving the horse warm, dry and comfortable.

The exceptional wicking properties of the fabric make these horse rugs ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug.

The benefits provided by these rugs have been appreciated worldwide by both professional and amateur riders for over 40 years.

Thermatex rugs are manufactured totally within the UK to quality standards that are both exacting & without compromise.

We love…

Pony Multi-Purpose Quilted Wicking Horse Rug from, £130.60
Exercise Rug from, £91.90
Thermatex Original Cooler Rug from, £146.40

Mochara Equestrian


Mochara design clothes that could be worn all day without having to change and all Mochara clothes are designed with this in mind. Riding, gym, leggings, relaxing Mochara has the designs to suit.

They say…

Mochara was born when I was studying at university. I found I had to have so many different outfits for lectures, riding, going to the gym etc. I wanted to design clothes that could be worn all day without having to change and all Mochara clothes are designed with this in mind. It is also so important that they are practical, easy to care for, hard wearing and of course stylish and affordable. The name Mochara means ‘my friend’ in Gaelic and we like to think of our customers as our friends! – Tara xx

We Love…

Joggers £35 Available in 3 Colours
½ Zip Sweatshirt £35 Available in 6 Colours
Breeches £95 Available in 4 Colours

Kate Negus


Kate Negus has two sides to their business, the saddlery experts and beautiful lifestyle products

They Say…

For our equestrian side we use a unique leather to KATE NEGUS and all our products are made in Black or Chestnut. We have a choice of six styles of cheekpieces, thirteen nosebands, nine browbands, three headpieces, plus three different fittings on six types of reins – all of which are totally interchangeable.
Accessories include both elasticated and leather breastplates, three types of a breast girth, and a running and standing martingale. Also included is a running attachment, and a standing attachment which incorporates an elastic insert. Training aids include straight leather side reins and German side reins, Draw Reins and a Market Harborough. Saddle accessories include best leather, laminated leathers and calf; an Atherstone Girth which is elasticated at both ends; a dressage girth; a stud girth and a stud guard. Service is really important to us. We will endeavour to get any stock orders out within 48 hours and will also answer any email queries the same day.
For our lifestyle side KN LIFESTYLE. is a sister company of Kate Negus Saddlery, KN Lifestyle was launched in 2018.We are creators of beautiful handbags and lifestyle accessories that are perfect for any location and any situation. Bespoke and quality are at the heart of our brand and all our items are British designed and made. Our lifestyle products are all limited edition, there is only a set number of bags made in a set style and once you purchase the number id of your choice, there will never be another. Bring a level of exclusivity to your accessory wardrobe by purchasing your own KN Lifestyle bag today. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, we know that there is a KN Lifestyle product that will suit you and your needs. We hope you enjoy browsing our KN Lifestyle range and that you find the perfect match for you.

We love…

The Limited Edition KN Cheltenham Bag £280 -£290
Patent Double Bridle with Padded HP - with a matching Patent Browband - £330 , and with a Diamante Browband as in the image - £400. Available in Black or Chestnut Patent
The Limited Edition KN Olympia Bag £300

Just Chaps


A riding wear company to help keep you war and dry!

They say…

Just Chaps are the half chaps and riding waterproofs specialists with a wide range of fantastic products to suit riders of all disciplines and sizes. Our products combine function, comfort and great looks and all at affordable prices. Here are a few of them: Award-winning Waterproof Riding Trousers voted Best in Test by Horse & Hound. What we love about them is that they really work. Stay warm and dry all season whether you’re in the yard or in the saddle and there’s a non-slip seat and no need to reproof. They look and feel great too! Horse & Hound Approved, Winter Riding Gloves. What we love about these gloves is that they are warm & cosy but not bulky. They offer great grip and are washable too. They really are the perfect Winter solution!
A new addition to our collection is the Saltos Premium leather half chaps. What we love about them is that they are competition smart yet easy to wear. Available in all widths and sizes – designed to hug the leg and offer close contact. A fantastic looking product at an affordable price.

We would like to wish all of their customers a very Happy Christmas. We are missing you all this year but hope that you can enjoy this virtual Olympia experience!

We Love…

Dri-Rider Waterproof Trousers Riding Trousers £70
All Purpose Riding Gloves £18
Saltos Premium Leather Half Chaps, Child & Adult Sizes £55

Equikro Equestrian


Top brands for you and your horse.

They say…

At Equikro Equestrian, we supply the best quality brands to riders of all disciplines as well as offering a personal and friendly customer service. We are premium stockists of Samshield, PS of Sweden, DeNiro, Kentucky Horsewear, Flex-On Stirrups, Equiline, and more!
Let us bring the magic of Olympia Horse Show to you this year. We have everything you could wish for this Christmas! Shop our extensive range of horsewear, doqwear and premium leisure & competition clothing collections. Design your dream riding hat and boots from unlimited options and colour combinations! Check out our top brands including Samshield, PS of Sweden, DeNiro, Kentucky Horsewear, Flex-On stirrups, Equiline and many more.
Our top picks this Christmas include the popular Samshield MissShield helmet and our best-selling Flex-On Green composite stirrups – both of which can be fully customised. Not to mention you can treat your horse the ultimate Christmas present of the luxury Kentucky Show Rug in limited edition colour, Pine Green.
Don’t miss out on our exclusive Olympia show offers:
•Free magnets in a colour of your choice with every pair of Flex-On Stirrups
•Free bridle bag & leather balm with every PS of Sweden bridle
•Free Spooks socks with every item of Spooks AW20 clothing
Happy Christmas Everyone!

We Love…

Sam Shield helmets - From £213
Flex-On Stirrups - Green Composite £174.95, Safe-On £224.95
Kentucky Horsewear Show Rug (Available in Pine Green, Navy, Black, Bordeaux and Grey) - £169.99

Cumbrian Heavy Horse Riding


We are UK’s only specialised Heavy Horse Riding establishment! We are a small, professional, family run Equestrian Centre unique in the use of our magnificent Clydesdale, Shire and Ardennes heavy horse breeds, for riding.

They say…

We are situated in the Whicham Valley, within the boundaries of the Lake District National Park, and nestling in the foothills of Black and White Combe. Just a few miles from the Irish Sea coast and with access to some of the UK’s most spectacular riding, (on occasion mountaineering on horse-back!!). Suitable for riders of varying ability, with steadier rides and mounts for the nervous novice and forward going fluent Clydesdale, Shire and Ardennes horses for those wishing to experience the thrill of riding a REAL horse!!!

We offer – horse riding – horse riding holidays – “hands on” holiday experience – carriage driving instruction – riding lessons and tuition – all in the magnificent Lake District, Cumbria. We also offer – Farm Rides, Fell rides, beach rides, trail rides.
Our beautiful Riding Experience Vouchers make a wonderful and exciting Christmas Gift giving the recipient something to look forward to at a strange time, let’s face it, of lockdowns and Coronavirus. Summer is coming!!

These are emailed through to be printed by the purchaser, and can equally be used in eg a card to give to recipients.
We are as ever careful to supply the correct voucher to suit the experience level (and check weight) prior to selling these – we need to ensure that they are sold honestly!

We look forward to meeting you in 2021!
Happy Christmas!

We love…

Christmas Beach Ride
Beach Ride at Sunset
Lots of Great Road Free Hacking

Cool Equestrian


Cool Equestrian brings you your favourite dressage brands for both horse and rider. Look good, feel good!

They say…

Cool Equestrian specialises in bringing the best choice of dressage clothing to the rider, and equipment to the horse. The Cool Equestrian Team is headed by Louise Metcalfe, Louise is a keen dressage rider and rides dressage at Advanced Medium level. Before any new stock is bought, Louise and the team try it for themselves to ensure the quality and functionality, we can then advise on it properly. As you can imagine many products never get to be sold at Cool Equestrian, and they are just not up to the standards of the Cool Team.

Cool Equestrian stock many brands such as Pikeur, Anky, Wellensteyn, Eurostar, Stierna, Kingsland, Cavallo and Covalliero. Fleck whips and Roeckl gloves are always in stock. You won’t be disappointed with our collections! For the horse we stock Catago, Passier, Schockemohle and Eskadron.

We send products all around the world and offer cost effective prices for shipping, particularly to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the whole of Europe. You can see shipping rates on our postage page.

We love…

Cavallo Rabea Ladies Downcoat £219
KEP Hats From £285
Catago FIR-Tech Elegant Exercise Sheet £94

Chillout Horsewear


Chillout Horsewear originally was launched as a horse wear brand back in 2012. The name was created from ‘keeping the chill out’ when putting a rug on a horse. The brand quickly developed into a clothing brand for the rider, with the first collection selling out within weeks of launching.

They say…

I built this brand out of passion for fashion and everything equestrian. I started the business with no fashion background just a pure love for designing. The business was initially funded from the sale of my wedding dress and Rolex watches, which I sold to fund my dream. And what a dream it has been…… allowing me to travel the world and meet so many wonderful people. It has been hard being the mother of 6 year old twins, often having to be away from them for long periods of time, but the loyalty from our customers has made all the hard work and pain worth every minute.

Chillout pride ourselves on our team mentality in the form of TEAMCHILLOUT, and firmly believe in supporting young and amateur talent in the equestrian industry.

Thank you to you all so much for your loyal support and love for the Chillout Brand.

Our Extreme Collection is back for 2020 after selling out time and time again in 2019! The stunning phone pocket leggings with statement branding and silicone knee grips teamed with out matching base layers with contrast coloured mesh panelled back make these a must for any riders wardrobe.

New to our collection this year is our stunning Signature Range. The collection includes leggings, hoodies, joggers, base layers and t-shirts. High quality with statement style. Featuring in the pictures our hoody and leggings with phone pocket and knee grips.

Our Luxe range launched in 2019 and has been unbelievably received. The snooty fox brand was inspired from a old family brand and the name just had to live on……our range includes full seat leggings, base layers, show shirts, breeches and show jackets. The range is glamorous and classy. Pictured is the snooty full seat leggings with phone pocket and matching mesh panelled base layer.

We love…

Extreme Collection Leggings £44.99 Base Layers £40.00
Signature Range Hoody £39.99 and Leggings with Phone Pocket & Knee Grips £44.99
Snooty Full Seat Leggings with Phone Pocket £59.99 and Matching Mesh Panelled Base Layer £45.00

Benz Equestrian


Benz Equestrian are a UK based equestrian business that provides high quality horse riding products such as horse boots and leather work.

They Say…

Benz equestrian is an online platform for fashionable and trendy products at affordable prices. We are located in suburbs of London UK and ship worldwide.
We are family run business and we manufacture and supply all kinds of equestrian goods. We are passionate and committed to offer our customers the best quality equestrian products at affordable prices. We have customers all over UK and Worldwide.
We know how much riders like to have matching sets for their horses and ponies, so we have a wide range of saddle cloths and numnahs, show jumping and dressage to choose from. We have matchy matchy sets for ‘ears’, over-reach boots, brushing boots and saddle cloths. Our designs are fun and striking and a little bit blingy!

We Love…

Burgundy Brushing Boot from £24 and Matching Overreach boots from £30
Snake Effect Brushing Boot from £24 and Matching Overreach Boots from £30
Rose Gold Brushing Boots and Overreach Boots

Aztec Diamond Equestrian


Aztec Diamond have established themselves as a fashion forward equestrian brand with a strong fan base.

They Say…

Beyond a brand we believe that Aztec Diamond Equestrian is a lifestyle. Dressing women, equestrian and not, to look and feel their very best is at the heart of who we are. Known for our distinctive contemporary vision – we create modern products that combine high performance solutions with a luxury finish minus the premium price tag. Our main aim is make make AD accessible to everyone, all riders, all ages, all disciplines.

Take a look at our thick, luxurious, soft and warm AD luxe gilets that provide a perfect outer layer for any outfit. Made from super high-quality waterproof materials and a soft insulating quilted finish, these jackets are showerproof, warm and stylish. Our flattering shaped gilet is finished with gun metal hardware, practical front zip pockets, a stunning embossed lining and reflective back print. The Technical Stretch Base Layer is an Equestrian Essential. They stretch to fit like a second skin and have been developed with temperature regulating and moisture wicking technologies, keeping you comfortable during competition and training. Not just for Riding, these base layers are perfect for the gym, running and as a ski thermal.

An Equestrian Diary is the perfect gift for equestrians. Make a note of your next farrier appointment, keep track of your horse’s progress and keep track of improvement for your next training session or show. The Diary is undated meaning you can start your notes at any point throughout the year. The AD Diary boasts a durable black hardcover with Emboss branding and contrast stitching. The dual folding outer comes with a luxury pen, pen holder and re-fillable paper.

We Love…

AD Luxe Gilet £65.00
Technical Stretch Base Layer £40.00
AD Equestrian Diary £25.00


Olympia-Spotlight-Top-Image-EquiTack is The Marketplace for Premium Brand, Preloved Saddles!

They say…

Part of Groupe Voltaire (including premium brands such as Voltaire Design), has fast emerged as THE destination for riders to source premium brand saddles at market bazaar prices.

Devoucoux, CWD, Butet, Equipe, Childeric and Voltaire Design are just some of the household name saddles that stock, and the only thing more attractive than their line-up of high end brands, are their seriously slashed prices.

At every major show, Equitack offer a “Deal of the Day” – often a brand new saddle with tags at a pre-loved price, or a saddle and bridle package for those who love the matchy-matchy. The deals are extended online too – posting regularly on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

As well as guaranteeing to undercut the competition, generously offer a fantastic 7 day no-obligation trial, free FaceTime consultations AND free shipping.

Tel: 07468 417811


We love…

Wide range of pre-loved saddles and tack available online
Keep checking our website for stock updates
Famous names available, such as Voltaire Design, Devoucoux, CWD Sellier, Prestige and more

Leisure Shop


Leisure Shop Equestrian are known for a wide range of equestrian products at great prices.

They say…

Leisure Shop Equestrian are a small family business and have been trading for over 20 years.  We have bred and competed our own horses over the years with some going to international level so we know what you are looking for when you are buying for your own horse and yourself.

If you cannot see what you want on our website then please email us and we will see if we can get it for you at a sensible price.

We love…

John Whitaker Tendon and Fetlock Boot Set, £30
Horze Constance Bridle, £40
Rhinegold Sheepskin Trimmed Neoprene Over-Reach Boots, £20

Ayr Equestrian


Ayr Equestrian offer a massive range of quality, affordable equestrian products for both horse and rider, established as one of the equestrian industries most trusted retailers at events, online and in their Ayrshire shop

They Say…

Over the years we have built Ayr Equestrian into one of the UK’s most recognised equestrian retailers, we have done this by sticking to our core principals of offering great customer service along with choosing and sourcing amazing products that customers love in equestrian industry,

We have a strong equestrian background ourselves, managing a centre with over 60 horses, giving us a unique insight into the products that we sell, We work closely with leading equestrian brands such as Ariat, Pikeur, Le Mieux, Eskadron, Schockemhole, Charles Owen and Just Togs to name a few, as well as having our own exclusive lines such as Pessoa Rugs, Essential Breeches and Rotherham Country Boots.

We love hearing from our customers whether it is online, in-store or at one of the many shows we normally attend; we strive to help people find products they will love and always try to find the best product for each individual.

We look forward to hopefully seeing everyone at Olympia next year but in the meantime we hope everyone stays safe.

We Love…

Charles Owen Ayrbrush Pinstripe from £209.50
Schockemohle Fame Jacket £129.95
Ariat Womens Ketley Waterproof Boot £270.00

Mojo Europe


The mojo wristband Durable 100% high quality silicone, eco-friendly, harmless nontoxic, low cadmium, nickel free wristband embedded with Mojo programmed Mylar disc technology, is designed to help improved fitness, health and wellness.

They say…

For the past decade, MOJO wristbands have been the product choice for athletes and equestrians searching for a performance edge, as well as ordinary people looking to enhance their personal health and well-being.

Those who express an interest in the products are often surprised to hear that MOJO products do not contain magnets and rather interact with the body’s bio-electrical field to potentially promote a more harmonious internal environment.

It was a significant back injury and the life changing resultant pain, that garnered the interest of one of MOJO’s directors towards the technology at the heart of our products.

At the time a professional athlete, he had tried a multitude of products and techniques to improve his movement, flexibility, sleep quality and pain relief.

The MOJO technology had such a profound effect, the result was the investment into and development of the MOJO brand across Europe.

MOJO has flourished since its inception with many exciting new products, styles and colours being released on a regular basis, however the core message remains the same.

That of a truly enthusiastic company, run by passionate individuals looking to share their own life changing experiences with like minded people.

We invite you to take a moment and peruse both the website and our social media for a glimpse into our customers experiences with the products. It’s also fantastic to see so many professional and high-level athletes directly endorsing MOJO products.

In a time where many unsubstantiated claims are made by unscrupulous companies, who’s primary goal is making a quick buck, MOJO deemed it as imperative that transparency and pertinent research based information stand alongside the testimonials and reviews when promoting the range of products.

From this ethical standpoint, MOJO invested in a study by Dr Mark Ball PHD. The study, of which you will find a copy within the Discover section of our website, makes for a fascinating read and takes a very positive step, firstly to present an evidence based validation of our products and secondly to begin the journey of future research studies to eventually enable further science based validation.

We love…

Horse Therapeutic Wrap
Mojo Advantage Elite Band
Mojo Advantage Elite Band



High vis does not need to be boring, and Equisafety have used the ultimate performance fabrics to make it wearable for you and your horse.

They say…

A world leader in technical performance equestrian high viz sportswear.

The unrivalled in-house designs are created by a qualified MA technical sportswear designer, and our relentless commitment is to give you, and your horse, the very best in unrivalled design by placing emphasis on function and performance for when you need it the most.

Only the highest quality technical fabric is used in our iconic designs and the construction of our apparel is unrivalled.

We are proud to sponsor Charlotte Dujardin CBE, 3 times gold medal Olympic Champion and Terry Madden, FEI rider and trainer for Royal endurance horses of HRH Prince Charles and HRH Sheikh Maryam.

Equisafety designs and manufactures for a number of UK Police Mounted Police units including the Metropolitan; Greater Manchester; Avon and Somerset; Northumbria and Powys

We love…

Carl Hester Giorgione Waterproof Riding White Jacket
Horse Exercise Sheet Wraparound Rug
Carl Hester Collection Azar White Quilted Gilet

Country Frog


The place to find the highest quality equestrian kit, Country Frog stocks equipment from leading manufacturers with customer service that is second to none.

They say…
“Country Frog is a brand first & foremost associated with Quality. Our aim is to continually offer new innovative brands alongside your favourite must have items for both horse & rider.

All suppliers are chosen not only for the quality of their product but more essentially for their business ethics. A supplier who doesn’t back their product with exceptional customer service will most certainly have no place at Country Frog.

Quality and customer service are the core values of Country Frog. Although fairly new to the equestrian market we have firmly established ourselves over the past 4 years as the ‘go to’ company for all your competition wear.

As the largest stockist of KASK helmets in the UK we have a close working partnership with the manufacturer, developing what we believe to be what the British equestrian wants to see.

De Niro boots are a firm favourite of ours, because of the quality and service levels. With both Boots & Helmets we offer the highest standard of fitting, ensuring our comfort and safety at all times.

We love…

Brown Rose Gold DeNiro Boots, £POA
Pikeur Paulin Ladies Competition Jacket, £224.95
KASK helmets, from £449