Morgan claims his Red rosette

Cheshire’s Red Morgan, 15, claimed his biggest win to date with the sole double clear in the Voltaire Design Mince Pie Stakes. Riding Bodyssee des Avelines in the class for 148cm ponies, he remained cool under pressure in both rounds of the exhilarating competition.

Just three of the 11 starters left all of the fences intact on their initial run over the course.

“It was tricky enough,” said Red, who is based between Britain and Belgium, where he competes internationally. “The track was tight in places with a tight time, and there was a double you needed to be really straight for.”

Hannah Barker (Ammanvalley Santino) was first to go over the shortened course to contest this year’s title. A pole down on a stripy midway oxer gave Red an advantage: “I just aimed to be quick without being stupid,” he said.

It worked perfectly and her and his 12-year-old mare came home cleanly to put the pressure on the final rider, Lila Bremner (Lapislazuli). The oxer fell again, leaving Lila in third, Hannah second, and Red victorious.

There will be little time to enjoy Christmas though for Red. After Olympia, he will be heading to compete in both pony and horses classes at Mechelen Horse Show in Belgium, which starts on Boxing day.