Animo UK

Animo UK are the UK distributors for the Italian clothing brand Animo. Known for quality and comfort in the equestrian industry, Animo is designed to ensure elegance and prestige.

They say…

Our designs contain strong lines, innovative materials, a range of colours, and punctual applications. Animo’s taste is young and modern with a typical Italian charm.
Those who wear Animo can be recognized from afar; thanks to a combination of design and comfort, style, and performance, we are at the forefront of design inventiveness. Products include women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear and horse accessories.
We are dedicated to creating designs made to stand out for both casual and competition use. Based on this concept, Animo designs and produces its garments from the finest materials carefully chosen by those who have invested years of research in the improvement of comfort and practicality.
The design themes we focus on are; comfort, wearability, resistance, elasticity, breathability, easy-care, and ingenuity. These are the pillars of which the Animo collections are created, therefore, it is no surprise that these technically minded, high fashion pieces are favoured by top riders from all over the world.
This high fashion line offers two unique collections each year, with new designs made in limited quantities.

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