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Eqclusive and Alan Davies work closely together to bring the best grooming products to you. We created now six different packs of brushes that cater to your specific needs.

Alan is Carl’s international travelling groom, with Valegro, Uthopia, Freestyle and the other horses at the yard. Alan has clocked up many thousands of air and road miles and travelled the world to Olympics, World and European Championships. Alan’s attention to detail and devotion to his charges has earned him recognition wherever he goes, now known as ‘super groom’ he has helped demonstrate the rewards and enjoyment of a being career groom. The Alan Signature pack consists of eight most needed brushes to turn your horse out to the highest possible standard at the show.
We truly believe that shine comes from within (good quality feed and plenty of needed natural oils), but what to use when you require a quick fix or maybe need your horse’s coat to have a better condition? Bottled horse shine sprays, horse glosses or special towels typically only work for a day. We have an alternative that will work always and keep an amazing condition of your horse’s coat.
Our company is built on years of equestrian knowledge and decades of being professional grooms (and even equine vets). Travelling across the whole of Europe, we’ve had the chance and privilege to use many different products.
Eqclusive brush packs have been designed to target specific problems of each type of horse’s coat. As horses have three different types of coats, we created three different packs. Eqclusive Packs clean the coat from the skin right to the top coat, then give the amazing shine. The first brushes go deep into the coat, right to the skin, and need to be made of the same type of hair that your horse has. The density of the brush is important, as this is what gives you the ability to go through the coat, clean the skin and pores, and give amazing results. The next brush in the pack will then start to clean the topcoat and get the ultimate shine! The new range of cosmetics, developed and tested by Eqclusive owner – called by Carl Hester “the brush lady” – Marta! Pro Diamond range has been developed to support the most natural, and trusted for centuries, way of grooming. Based on a simple belief that horses need a clean but oily coat to be healthy. Natural oil comes from feed to their skin & coat, but to get there, it needs clean pores and circulation. This range goes very well with our patented packs of brushes, and it naturally enhances their results!

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