Georgian Dollar

Georgian Dollar is an Equestrian Jean brand, made using the highest quality, softest denim and designed to offer supreme comfort on or off the horse. Allowing for the transition from the stable to the high street, without compromising on style.

They Say…

Our best selling Sieta Equestrian Jeans offer supreme quality and durability on or off the horse. These super versatile jeans will provide ultimate comfort, whether you are mucking out, hacking out or hitting the high street!

Our Regalita Equestrian Jean line has been made using a stunning crisp white denim. These jeans have been created with Polo Players in mind, however, much like the Sieta Jean range, they are extremely versatile and would suit any equestrian activity.

Our Tita Equestrian Jeans are made with super soft black denim and incorporate the addition of a sleek red stripe, which adds a little bit of extra sparkle to your riding outfit.

We absolutely love hearing from our happy customers! ❤

“The delivery was so quick, the packaging was lovely. As for the jeans, my booty has never looked so peachy! Perfect fit and amazing customer service.”

“Just received my denim breeches, I love them! They are comfy, practical and look super. Amazingly fast delivery too. 100% would recommend!”

“I was amazed a pair of denim breeches could be so comfy and stretchy. I LOVE THEM!!”

We love…