Horse Education

Makers of the patented Hybrid Halter, hand tied lungeing and lead ropes and innovative equine fitness and training tools.

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Your horse spends more hours of his life in his halter than any other piece of tack – isn’t it time to afford him the real training tool consideration his halter deserves? The patented Hybrid Halter Headcollar makes life easier by making itself the only piece of kit you and your horse need for everyday leading and tying, lungeing (it has a built in lungeing caveson), safe travel in the float and effective use in cross ties. It is more comfortable for your horse as it doesn’t twist his head, responds more lightly and when he needs some emotional support or gets scared, you automatically have the control you would have in a lead shank, but without any harshness. Styles available in both hard and soft rope.

If you are tired of lifeless, dirty, flimsy lead and lungeing ropes then upgrade your rope experience with our bespoke line of UV coated yachting braid lead and lunge ropes that are soft in the hand but resist dirt and wear. Our ropes carry the energy of your commands down its length easily for better control and won’t singe your hands if your horse pulls away.
Finishing details include exclusive, sturdy one-handed snap designs and meticulous hand stitching.
Also available in snap end reins with either solid brass or stainless steel hardware.

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