IG Equine

IG Equine boutique provides luxury high performance brands. We provide clothing and hats for men’s, women’s, and children’s as well as products for your horse, the yard and shows.

They say…

IG Equine Boutique We pride ourselves in quality, innovation, and customer service. Throughout our time travelling and competing across Europe, we have tried and tested many brands and we feel we have selected some of the best out there. We are constantly looking for new innovative products and trends throughout Europe and further afield to bring our customers a unique collection.

Our clothing brands include Cavalleria Toscana and EGO7 both combine quality, sophistication and Italian elegance whilst allowing you to perform at your best. We also have innovative horse products, such as, Torpol horsewear who use new patented technologies and magnetics as well as completely customisable drapes, rugs and saddlecloths. Equifit a leading US brand using innovative high-quality products for your horse. Also, Incrediwear, the first proven wearable anti-inflammatory for you and your horse. We also have your favourites, Sprenger, Roeckl gloves, Veredus, Heiniger Clippers, Cavalor, ReinRite, Alfako tack lockers, and Oxer socks. We have also introduced some fashion elements to compliment your wardrobe from coats, jumpers, leather bags and trainers.

We love…

Torpol’s range of stable drapes, rugs and saddle cloths are fully customisable.

Cavalleria Toscana Italian elegance, style and Performance for men women and Children.

Our new range of Kask hats are fully customisable.