Julia Pharo Jewellery

Julia Pharo is a Hatton Garden bespoke jeweller.

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Julia Pharo was born and raised in the Transvaal – the heart of South Africa’s gold, platinum and diamond mining community.
As a little girl, her young fingers were constantly stained by the brick red earth of her grandfather’s diamond mine where she played, searching through the rich soil dreaming of finding her own precious gemstone.
Growing up, her passion for gemstones evolved into designing jewellery for the remarkable diamonds her family were mining – beginning a lifelong love affair with fine jewellery.
Pursuing her dream to become a master jeweller, Julia travelled to the United Kingdom to study jewellery design and traditional bench skills and now works as a fine jeweller in London’s Hatton Garden.
An expert in responsibly sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones, Julia is also a Certified Gemmologist (Gem-A) and is also member of The GIA Alumni Association.
Specialising in the creation of bespoke, one-of-a-kind fine jewellery and renowned for her unerring attention to detail, Julia will expertly design, create and hand finish your commission to the highest standard, bringing your bespoke design to life as a stunning piece of fine jewellery.
From necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets to exquisitely designed bespoke rings, Julia will take the time to understand your ideas, taste and preferences to create a beautiful piece of fine jewellery to perfectly reflect your style and personality.Each ring, necklace, pendant and earrings are created with uncompromising attention to detail using the finest ethically sourced gemstones and recycled gold.
For more information and to arrange an in-person or online virtual studio appointment to explore the possibility of commissioning a piece of bespoke fine jewellery from Julia, please visit our website.

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