Omega Equine

They say…

Omega Equine have built a fantastic range of innovative supplements, which have proved extremely popular with equine consumers including individual leisure horse owners through to Gold Medal winning competition riders.

Having completed the development of our new manufacturing facility we are now excited and ready to produce a full range of supplements for like-minded horse owners.

At Omega Equine years of research has been conducted by our company director Paul Ainsworth whose background includes competing at international level, growing ingredients and the manufacturing sector. He has researched particularly the most beneficial ingredients and how they work together to optimise equine health.

Products have been designed using the best ingredients sourced and are manufactured in our BETA NOPS accredited factory.
We offer a unique specialist range of healthy supplements from our own Cold Pressed Flax oil to Muscle products including a naturally sourced Vitamin E.

All our products go through rigorous testing to give you peace of mind when feeding to your horse.

We are excited to showcase our new range of products and share with you our forward moving brand.

We Love…

Winter Respiratory Health – Respirair Boost

Bringing your horses in out of the elements, where they can enjoy a haynet and a warm bed is a comforting feeling for many owners. Although these dry environments offer a rest from the cold, damp conditions outside, they bring their own hazards. Hay and bedding can create a dusty environment, combined with reduced movement your horses lungs can feel the strain. Our Respirair Boosts key natural ingredients work together to soothe the airways for easy and natural breathing, working as a decongestant and helping to maintain lung integrity by supporting healthy tissue growth and sustaining a healthy response to inflammation.

Winter Digestion – Omega Gut Balancer

Digestive health is such an important part of your horses general well being. Seasonal changes effect our horses routine and diet. During winter months grazing decreases and we look to other forage and hard feed options. Ensuring your horses digestive system has the right balance of good and bad bacteria is essential for optimum health. With known links between digestion and the brain, a comfortable gut is not only good for your horses physical well-being but also their mental well-being.

Winter Wellbeing – Vitality

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Phytochemicals, antioxidants, enzymes, omega fatty acids and plant extracts, these super foods get to work supporting your horses immune system and general wellbeing. Winter can be a challenging time of year, cold, damp weather and a lack of grazing can leave your horses immune system vulnerable. From the natural native to clipped competition horse, Omega Vitality has you covered.