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London International Horse Show Exhibitors

Crafty Ponies

Can’t get up to the yard? Keep the children learning about horses with Crafty Ponies!

They say…

“At Crafty Ponies we try to let children learn more about horses in a playful way. We do this through realistic miniature horse rugs, grooming and equipment sets, but also with the help of online videos and pony lessons in the Crafty Ponies pony club. The product originated in England and is also widely used in pony clubs. There is a great focus on the safety surrounding the handling of the horse, with information about pony care and more! . In addition, the soft toy ponies are of course just very cool, soft and irresistible for the little horse lover!

The realistic miniatures of accessories and equipment look and function just like ‘the real thing’. Most products that you can buy for a normal pony are also available for the Crafty Ponies soft toy pony. Each accessory is made from high-quality materials and comes with an instruction booklet that explains all about that specific item. For example, the bridle teaches you how to put it on & off, how to disassemble it, how to clean it and then reassemble it.”

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