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Pulsemagnetics at
London International Horse Show


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Magnetic Therapy is recognised as a non-invasive natural therapy. It is not new; the ancient Egyptians and Greeks are known to have used magnetic therapy.

The Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy again for thousands of years and even now magnets are used in hospitals and clinics around the world.

Pulse magnetics is manufactured in the UK and are unique using high-grade powerful magnets.

Magnetism is the very foundation of life on earth. The human body has developed over millions of years within this magnetic field. Our body is “electric”, it resonates within a frequency range and is constantly being altered by poor diet, injury, illness, accidents and the effects of electromagnetic fields so it makes sense to use magnetic therapy to re-balance our body’s natural healing mechanism.

Magnetic therapy products can help to readdress this imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself, from within by either applying powerful magnetic fields to a problem area or by exposing the iron atoms in blood to aid and improve oxygen delivery throughout the whole body.

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