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Determined to turn this opinionated coblet into a dressage diva…

Determined to turn this opinionated coblet into a dressage diva…
Megan Henry & Daphney

Myself and my mare where extremely fortunate enough to qualify for LIHS at Malton show.
I’ve loaned my mare Daphney for just over a year now, and this only came about after I was kindly asked if I would like to exercise her to help keep her ticking over while her owner was out of action, as she is kept on the yard where I work. I’m very lucky to be a groom for north east based GP dressage rider Sophie Barker (I actually owe her a lot of thanks for helping myself and Daphney get to where we are today). I was quickly asked if I would like to take Daphney on loan and I was determined to turn this stubborn strong minded and somewhat opinionated coblet into a dressage diva and We predominantly do abit of dressage albeit only prelim and novice level BD.

Having never shown her previously, I then decided to put her right in the deep end and entered great Yorkshire show, I’d then quickly figured we best actually try and practise and take her to at least one show prior. Therefore, we entered Malton show as our first ever attempt at a county show. I entered the class on the complete whim not even entirely sure if she fit in the class or if the atmosphere would completely blow her brains, as although she’s 15 years young she has never done anything like this before. To my absolute shock and delight she went and bagged the first for the LW cob section and also picked up another first and reserve champ later in the day (even during the thunderstorm that hit).

On complete cloud nine we have just completed at great Yorkshire were in the true seasoned pro style she seems to have acquired she took it all in her stride.

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