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Dressage focuses on the development of the physique of the horse and the harmony between rider and horse. High quality is revealed by freedom and regularity of the paces, lightness and ease of the movements. The horse gives the impression of doing the movements on his own accord because of the small and invisible aids of the rider. In all competitions, the horse has to show three paces: walk, trot and canter, as well as transitions between the paces and transitions within the paces (collection – extension – collection).

At the Show there are two tests, the Grand Prix and the Kur or Freestyle Test to Music. In the Freestyle to Music, the rider can choose the music, the choreography and the sequence of movements that have to be shown. In the Freestyle test, the technical skill and the artistic performance are evaluated. On the artistic part, one of the most important things is that the horse can do all the movements in the rhythm to the music.

The FEI Dressage World CupTM Times(2)

  • WEDNESDAY – 18th

    09.00 – 11.35

    The FEI Dressage World Cup™ (Grand Prix) supported by Horse & Hound –
    Short Grand Prix

  • THURSDAY – 19th

    19.25 – 22.20

    The FEI Dressage World Cup™ supported by Horse & Hound –
    Freestyle to Music